Things to Do


There is always something to do once the sun goes down in La Jolla! Take a stroll around the downtown Village and enjoy the coastal breeze, or indulge in some world-class late night bites and handcrafted cocktails by the water. Enjoy a late night comedy show at The Comedy Store, or listen to some live jazz music at Manhattan’s of La Jolla. Whatever you choose, there is something for everyone when it comes to experiencing La Jolla nightlife.

High Tide Dinner at The Marine Room: Oceanfront Dining at its Best

Since it opened its doors in 1941, The Marine Room has been the benchmark for quality oceanfront dining in La Jolla. It brought first-class French-inspired cuisine to San Diego for the first time; and with it, an inclusion of all things nautical: even its seahorse emblem, which has remained the same for...


9 Essential Drinks You Need to Try for Happy Hour in La Jolla

When La Jolla gives you beautiful sunsets, delicious restaurants, and a thrilling downtown what more could you ask for? Ah, of course, Happy Hour. La Jolla Happy Hour is the best time to sample drinks from some of the top restaurants in La Jolla. Even though there are so many different...


Where to Find the Best Late Night Eats in La Jolla

After a night out at La Jolla Playhouse or after spending a whole day at the beach, we all need a little something to fill our empty stomachs. However, it can be hard to find a La Jolla restaurant open after 10 pm! To help, we’ve rounded up all the best late...


5 Perfect Spots to Watch the Sunset in La Jolla

The most beautiful sunsets often appear during the fall and early winter, making December and January some of the best times to watch the sunset in San Diego and La Jolla. Places along the beach often have incredible panoramic views of the ocean, which only adds to the beauty! Some...


Visit the Comedy Store

Comedy Store Everyone needs a break, a night to get lost in laughter and forget about the serious business of the day-to-day. At La Jolla’s Comedy Store, laughter is a guarantee. And here, you’re not just seeing comedians; you’re seeing the best comedians in the country! The History This venue...


The Perfect Romantic Date in La Jolla: How to Plan It

Creating Romance in La Jolla Candlelight. Wine. A moonlight walk on the beach. These are are classic images of romance for good reason. Whether you have a special occasion to celebrate or simply want to spend special time together, La Jolla’s sandy shores are here to set the perfect backdrop...