Del Mar Beaches

Del Mar South Beach

It may be hard to differentiate from the other Del Mar beaches, but it is easy to find and absolutely worth exploring. Although it is less suitable for swimming and surfing, the cliffs above it make it a very scenic beach.

Del Mar North Beach (Dog Beach)

If you travel north of Del Mar City Beach, you'll find one of the few dog-friendly beaches in San Diego where your pup can be off-leash for most of the year. Although it is mainly known as a playground for man's best friend, the San Dieguito River Mouth makes a kid-friendly wading pool as well!

Del Mar City Beach

Just between Powerhouse Park and the San Dieguito River lies Del Mar City Beach, which is excellent for swimming, surfing, and sunbathing. There is usually a lifeguard on duty and picnic tables at the park above, which makes this beach very family friendly!

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