Pacific Beach

Pacific Beach is a rowdy beach town that neighbors La Jolla to the south and is affectionately known by locals as simply PB. With plenty of seaside restaurants, pubs, and more than a hundred different bars to choose from, PB is the place to go if you’re in search of a night out on the town. Visitors can walk along the Pacific Beach Pier during the day (look for the historic Cape Cod cottages for-rent along the pier), and biking or walking the Boardwalk makes for a great evening stroll. Come for the beach, and stay for the nightlife!


Lively beach area packed with bars, restaurants, and nightlife

Hub for bicycle and beach activity rentals

Walking distance to Crystal Pier and downtown Pacific Beach


Starting near Crystal Pier, the main Pacific Beach is a hub for beach- and water-activities. You’ll find everything from bicycle and surfboard rentals to walk-up bars along the boardwalk here, and the area is constantly buzzing with activity. Crystal Pier is popular with fishermen and even features a row of cute, Cape Cod-style cottages that are available for rent. This is a great area to sunbathe and stretch out on the sand, walk along the boardwalk, and visit all of the shops, restaurants, and bars the nearby streets have to offer.

Bike Parking

Dogs Allowed

Good for Groups

Good for Kids


Pet Allowed



Free Parking

Pacific Beach:


Very nice laid back atmosphere with great views. Gets very busy in the evenings as everyone comes out to watch the beautiful sunset.

Has everything. Beautiful beach, shopping, great food and drink venues. Great view of the ocean from all. You can walk the board walk, bike or roller skate. Or spend some time on the beach. Watch for dolphins.

Pacific Beach was my favorite of the beaches visited this past trip to SD. I accompanied a friend looking to relocate, trying to find the area that best fit her personality. PB was hands-down the best one we visited, cleaner and with a more casual family-friendly vibe than other areas.

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