Ocean Beach Dog Beach

The Ocean Beach Dog Beach is great for letting canines run free. Many houses line the coast and nearby residential neighborhoods, making it a popular spot for residents and visitors alike. The wide variety of dogs and people at this San Diego beach make for a lively atmosphere and great people watching.


Dog-friendly beach in San Diego

Located in Ocean Beach, a seaside area south of La Jolla

Near the Ocean Beach downtown of shops, restaurants & more

Great for fun beach activities

Awesome for kids & families


Bike Parking

Dogs Allowed

Good for Groups

Good for Kids


Ocean Beach Dog Beach:

Ocean Beach Bike Path
San Diego, CA 92109


More About Ocean Beach Dog Beach

Parking in the Ocean Beach neighborhood can be tricky on weekend afternoons, so be prepared to walk a couple blocks to the water. If you’re interested in a picnic on grass, walk along the coast, and you will spot green patches that you can lay a blanket out on.


Awesome place! My dog has PURE joy when she comes here. Spreading out a towel to lay on is pointless... chairs are the way to go. So many dogs will come up to you and lick your face and walk on your towel -- if your uptight about this, then your not a dog person. This place is pure heaven. Don't forget to bring plenty of poop bags and fresh water, not just for your own dog but for people that run out or don't realize how thirsty their dog can get running around having the time of their life! It's just good Karma.

Nice place to take your dog. The other dog lovers were friendly and tolerant of our dogs craziness. Great sunset views!

What a gem, and how fortunate to have such a great location in San Diego. AND it is open 24 hours! I understand that this is one of the first beaches in the nation to allow people to bring their pups and have them off leash. What a boon. You will undoubtedly see more pups than humans chasing balls, chasing each other, chasing waves at this very large beach section located on the north end of Ocean Beach. Also, people will make a whole day out of it, arriving with wagons full of beach gear, eats and treats. It is kid-friendly, too.

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