Fiesta Island Dog Park

Fiesta Island Dog Park is the perfect place for bringing beach and water-loving dogs. Play frisbee on the sand. Let them splash through the water. It’s a favorite dog lover spot in San Diego for good reason! Plus, it typically has a good amount of parking.


Dog-friendly beach in San Diego

A peninsula in Mission Bay, a seaside area south of La Jolla

Great for bicycle riding

Wonderful for families

Popular for bonfires


Bike Parking

Dogs Allowed - at certain times

Good for Groups

Good for Kids


Fiesta Island Dog Park:

1750 Fiesta Island Rd
San Diego, CA 92109

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More About Fiesta Island Dog Park:

Fiesta Island, a peninsula of Mission Bay, is a wonderful waterside spot for bicycle riding, bonfires and water sports that are easier without intense waves – like stand up paddle boarding.


An entire island for off leash dogs that also fully fenced in. My pups couldn't be happier. There is a walking track that is probably 2-3 miles for each lap. There are many lakes that your dogs can swim or run in if they want. Although there are quite a few dogs there, there is so much space that you can walk around without a dog nearby. Definitely my dogs favorite spot in SD so far.

Fiesta Island is a great place to check out if you're visiting San Diego with your dog, or if you're local and somehow have never been. Follow the signage to the backside of the island where you'll find an enclosed dog park, which leads down to a stretch of sand where your dogs can run and splash in the water off leash. 10/10. Will be back.

We are at the beach!! We are at the beach!!! Ahhhhh sand in my paws!! All said by our dogs!! My fur babies were smiling from doggy ear to doggy ear here! There's so many friendly dogs, plenty of places to run through trails or the beach and the dogs just loved it!!

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