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Bell & Moon Story – Melike Bell

I grew up in Istanbul, Turkey and my husband grew up in the San Francisco, Bay area. I always dreamed of traveling the world.  After working 18 years in the banking industry, I decided to come to beautiful San Diego in 2016 to study sustainability. It was at first seemingly difficult to find high quality towels like I was used to back home in Turkey. After brainstorming with my husband and my sister, we came across the idea that we would introduce people to quality handcrafted Towels and Blankets made from the purest organic Turkish cotton. 

And so, Bell & Moon was started 5 years ago with a vision to help people to create their own exceptional Comfort, Style, and Space at the beach and home. Our Towels are hand-loomed in Turkey by artisans in the traditional sense.

They are made from 100% organic Turkish cotton.

The extra-long fibers and the weaving techniques we used result in super soft, highly absorbent and durable towels and blankets. They are absorbent, lightweight, quick drying (1/3 time of a regular towel), and most importantly eco-friendly. Our towels are extremely versatile and practical. 

They can be used as a beach towel, bath towel, picnic blanket, throw, baby blanket, wrap, sarong, a scarf, etc… The uses are practically only limited to your imagination.  We hope that you will love the beautiful and vibrant colors that our high-quality towels and blankets add to your lifestyle.

At Bell and Moon we want to help you discover your Special Space.

1 review for Bell & Moon Turkish Towels

  1. Connie Crowley

    Got these on the boardwalk in Mission beach. I love my blanket, perfect for summer.

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