Blacks Beach

Blacks Beach in La Jolla is famous for more than its peaceful vibe, great surf and smooth sand. It was the first nude beach in America, starting in the 1970s, and is still the largest nude beach in the US. However, for those who like to keep things modest, this secluded spot is not 100% bathing suit optional – it’s just one part of it.

Our Location

Torrey Pines Scenic Dr
San Diego, CA 92037

What Blacks Beach is Known For

  • A quiet, secluded beach in San Diego
  • Great for surfing
  • Famous for part being a nude beach
  • Is the end point for the Torrey Pines Gliderport Trail
  • Great for beach activities like boogie boarding

Our Amenities

  • Dogs Allowed – at certain times
  • Private lot, Street
  • Bike Parking
  • Good For Groups

More About Blacks Beach

Besides its European-inspired nudity, Blacks Beach hosts fantastic surf, but be ready to do some hiking with it…One of the reasons this beach is secluded is due to its downhill location. Located beneath some steep cliffs, at many points expect to hike down to the sand. For example, if you park at the head of the Gliderport Trail, you want to be ready to steady yourself down some the somewhat steep downhill climb. (Coming from this point, simply looking right and left will demonstrate the divide of clothing: one side with it, and one without!)

Though you have a hike down and a leg-burning hike back up, beachgoers agree that the lack of crowds & loud music, incredible waves and calmful peace is more than worth the trek. For more about the history and unique story behind Blacks Beach, head here!


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