La Jolla’s Concours d’Elegance: Got Your Tickets Yet?


La Jolla’s Concours d’Elegance: Got Your Tickets Yet?

If you enjoy automobiles and live in the area, you’ve probably attended this wonderful event in La Jolla, California already. If you haven’t, you may want to check out the Concours d’Elegance. Car enthusiasts from all over come out to take part in this weekend festival. 

When is the La Jolla Concours d’Elegance?

Here are the upcoming dates to mark your calendar with:

    • 2021 Motor Car Classic at Viejas: October 1-2, 2021
    • 2022 La Jolla Concours: April 22-24, 2022



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Where is the La Jolla Concours Held?

The 2021 Concours already happened, but there’s still an event this year: “La Jolla Motor Car Classic 2021 at Viejas Casino & Resort.” That’s right–instead of being held in La Jolla, it will be held at Viejas. There will also be an inaugural La Jolla Concours Golf Tournament at a private country club in La Jolla on October 4th.

The 2022 La Jolla Concours, which will be held in the spring, will be on the La Jolla Cove lawn, right there with the sweeping backdrop of the Pacific Ocean. Additionally, all of the net proceeds of the 2022 Concours will go to benefit The La Jolla Historical Society.


History & Background

The La Jolla Concours D’Elegance has origins tracing back to the 17th century. During that time, the concours was a luxurious, leisurely event centered around coaches, couture and cocktails.

In many ways, little has changed since, though overtime the event adjusted and morphed into the post-World War II event Loren Tryon held in 1950 at Pebble Beach. This in turn inspired the car-loving, automotive-centered event La Jolla now hosts today.

Is the 2021 La Jolla Concours Over?

Unfortunately, the La Jolla Concours that was scheduled for April of 2021 was canceled. However, there will still be an opportunity this year to check out some amazing cars! There is still the Motor Car Classic event that will be held at Viejas Casino and Resort. This event is presented by La Jolla Concours D’Elegance, and offers a weekend of luxury in between auto show events.

What to Expect at the 2022 La Jolla Concours

There is far more to do than simply look at cars at La Jolla’s Concours d’Elegance. From cocktail receptions to decadent lunches, there’s something different happening each day.

Friday Night, April 22, 2022 – Concours Social Club:

The event launches with a cocktail party. Ticket holders will enter this exclusive gathering and be greeted by supreme appetizers, cocktails, wine and, of course, entertainment. It’s the perfect way to begin this deluxe event, and there will be plenty of “high end design and modern creativity” to allow you to take great Instagram photos.

Saturday Night, April 23, 2022 – Le Cabaret Du Concours:

The Saturday Night VIP Reception will be held on the lawn of Ellen Browning Scripps Park. This vent includes a hosted bar, a silent auction, entertainment, and food from local restaurants.

Sunday, April 24, 2022: La Jolla Concours:

While the previous two nights are VIP events, Sunday is the day for general admission ticket holders (with plenty of special amenities for VIP ticket holders). 

General admission ticket holders will get to check out over 150 different vehicles on the La Jolla Cove lawn. (If you haven’t watched our drone footage of the La Jolla Cove, you should go watch it right now!) In addition to the automobile show, there will be live music and a Champagne and Honey Tasting Garden. The general admission event is from 9 a.m. – 4 p.m.

VIP ticket holders, depending on the tier of tickets they buy, will enjoy amenities ranging from skipping the line to food, adult beverages, a commemorative program, and more. The VIP event is from 9 a.m. – 4 p.m. as well, and the hosted bar in the VIP lounge will be open from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m.

As with any event, this information is subject to change. Please be sure to check with the event before making definitive arrangements!

Parking During La Jolla Concours D’Elegance: Good to Know

Parking will get crazy for this ever-expanding event. If you live close enough, it may well be worth it to Uber in or even park in a nearby area of La Jolla, such as Bird Rock, and take a nice stroll in. It’ll save you the stress and madness of finding a spot for your car.


From out of the area or prefer to stay somewhere within walking distance? The most notable La Jolla hotels are all just a stroll away from the heart of this event. Learn more about these fantastic options at our blog: La Jolla’s Top 5 Hotels: Why to Book Now!

Photos from Past La Jolla Concours D’Elegance Events


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5 Ways: You Know You Live in La Jolla When…

La Jolla is a proud community that’s notably unique from its Southern California neighbors. It may border San Diego, but it has a very distinct personality that is not to mistaken for anywhere else. Here are some of the top ways that, if you nod with understanding, you know you’re an official La Jollan.

1. When someone says they’re going to George’s, they’re probably not talking about a friend’s house.

Though it’s possible someone is visiting a pal named George, it is far more likely they’re headed to George’s at the Cove, a fine dining restaurant that offers incredibly seafood, ocean views and service. It may well be your perfect go-to for celebrations like birthdays or anniversaries.

2. Brunch makes for a truly ultimate Saturday or Sunday.

La Jolla has many fantastic spots for a seaside brunch on the weekends, all of which are popping with guests excited to indulge in good food and (most likely) sip on mimosas. Check out what we think are 4 Must-Try Brunch Spots in La Jolla.

3. You hear “The Playhouse” and know it’s not a child’s play area.

If you live in La Jolla, you’ve probably attended at least one event or play at the La Jolla Playhouse. Having sent countless plays to Broadway and won more Tony’s than almost any other theater in America, you know it’s a great place to experience theater.

4. Everyday is a good beach day.

You click on the news to see people bundling up in the snow, witness tornadoes hitting and watch treacherous, far-off storms. Then, you grab your light cardigan and head to a local beach…whatever time of year it may be.

5. This city has 3 distinct pockets, each with its own vibe and one-of-a-kind venues.

Visitors come to see the Cove and try the famous Coast Toast. They’re great spots, of course, but you know the local gems – like where to get the ultimate coffee in Bird Rock (Bird Rock Coffee Roasters!) and that the unassuming Cheese Shop in La Jolla Shores is a prime spot for grabbing picnic sandwiches.

Even if you lived in La Jolla for many years, there may be local spots you haven’t tried or heard of. Test your La Jolla knowledge by reading our Top 5 Best-Kept Secrets in La Jolla.

The Perfect Day at Torrey Pines, Already Planned!

Torrey-Pines-State-Reserve-Guy-Fleming-look-out-pointThe Perfect Day at Torrey Pines, Already Planned!

Torrey Pines State Reserve is a local treasure. Home to the rarest pine tree in all of America, people from near and far come to hike the trails and explore the beach. You can easily come for a few hours of hiking, but with so much to do and see, why not make a day out of it? Here’s our itinerary for how to do just that.



Fuel up at breakfast.

With the active day ahead of you, you want your body to be fueled. If you’re coming from the north, we recommend hitting Pacifica Breeze Cafe in nearby Del Mar (they have wicked breakfast potatoes!) or stay within La Jolla by trying out the fantastic acai bowls or eggs florentine of the Bella Vista Social Club and Caffe at UCSD.

Arrive early for easier parking.

The earlier you come, the smoother finding a spot for your car will be. Pay to park in the paid lot or find a spot further up the road and walk in.

torrey-pines-state-reserve-trailPick a trail.

Decide what level of hike you’re going for, whether that’s more calf-burning hills or more relaxed. Learn about each of the trails at Torrey Pines and their difficulty level at our Torrey Pines State Reserve Page.



Bring equipment for the beach.

You can hike right out onto the sand or hike and return to your car to grab gear for the beach. Bring bathing suits. Surf boards. Boogie boards. The latest novel. Whatever it is you need for the ultimate beach day! After a morning of hiking, splashing in the cool Pacific will never have felt so good.

Picnic lunch.

We recommend enjoying lunch on the sand. Pack a picnic lunch before you head out for the day and leave it in a cooler in your car. That way, when you go to grab your beach equipment, you can grab your ready-to-eat meal at the same time.

Stay for sunset.

As it begins to darken, don’t head home yet! You’ll want to stay to watch the sun go down. The pictures you’ll snap will be worth it alone.

Not ready to head in for the night?

After packing up and heading back to your car, those still energized will be ready to keep the adventure going. There’s always plenty of entertainment going on in La Jolla, from comedy shows to live music. Learn more about what to do in the evening at our Entertainment Page.

8 Great Activities to Enjoy in La Jolla

Enjoy La Jolla

Known as the Jewel City, this affluent San Diego neighborhood lives up to its nickname! La Jolla visitors can experience both chic and modern city culture and beautiful natural vistas within a very small radius, making this area the perfect balance for days spent exploring both the outdoors and downtown. (Just make sure to wear sunscreen if you spend a lot of time outdoors!)

Visit Birch Aquarium

Seahorses, gray whales, and leopard sharks—oh my! Birch Aquarium is a great place to spend the day learning about our oceans and the creatures that live there. Scientific education becomes fun for both children and adults with interactive tide pools, award-winning oceanography exhibits, and a live camera feed of the off-shore kelp forest.

Take a Bike Tour

Electric bike tours are a great way to get your bearings and enjoy the sun and fresh air in La Jolla. Fly Rides offers guided tours on these bikes, which run on clean-energy electricity supplemented by light pedaling. It’s a great in-between option for those who like the immersive feel of walking tours but want to keep their energy for other activities later in the day.

Snorkel & Scuba

La Jolla Cove and La Jolla Shores are the area’s most famous snorkel and scuba spots. The caves of the cove are breathtaking, making in one of San Diego’s most photographed beaches—however, the water tends to be chillier than its sunny shore counterpart, so divers may want to invest in a wet suit. Either way, you’re in for some great views!

Laugh at the Comedy Store

The Comedy Store has made its mark as America’s first road comedy club. Greats like Robin Williams and David Letterman performed here in their early careers, and the club has continued its reputation for showcasing both comedy’s biggest names and its best up-and-coming talents.

Hangliding & Parasailing

For those seeking amazing views, Torrey Plains Gliderport can give you an absolutely unforgettable experience. The gliderport has been active in Southern California for a century, servicing all types of man-powered flight. The gliderport offers training, tandem flights with their experienced pilots, and equipment rental for fliers with proper certification.

View Madison Gallery

This contemporary art gallery offers stunning and evocative exhibits from local and international artists in a serene and minimalistic setting. The gallery upholds a high standard of artistry in a variety of mediums, and makes a perfect afternoon or evening sojourn for the creatively-minded.

Shop Girard & Prospect

Girard Avenue and Prospect Street offer some of the best high-end shopping in the neighborhood as well as a wide selection of restaurants. If you’re looking for something in particular, you’ll probably find it here. If you’re just looking for a great walk and window shopping, you’ll find that too!

Cruise at Sunset

No sunset is ever quite the same but in balmy La Jolla, each one is memorable. Mission Bay sunset cruises are a beautiful and peaceful way to wind down and relax after an eventful summer day. Depending on your preferred charter, you can opt to spend a tranquil evening enjoying a romantic dinner and drinks, a panoramic tour of La Jolla’s coastline and oceanic wildlife, or both.

About the Writer: Christy Woodrow is an award-winning travel photographer and professional blogger based in San Diego, California. She launched her popular adventure travel blog, Ordinary Traveler, with her partner in 2010 — as a way to inspire others to travel the world and realize their dreams. Christy’s work has been featured on sites such as Lonely Planet, National Geographic Traveler, Go Abroad, Pinterest’s blog, Gap Adventures, and more.

Birch Aquarium

Birch Aquarium

The Pacific Ocean lining La Jolla is not only beautiful; it’s filled with wondrous aquatic life. Perhaps you’d love to see it but aren’t enthusiastic about scuba diving to do so. Well, don’t worry, you don’t have to. You can get up close with these beautiful sea creatures above water, high up on a cliff, as a matter of fact, here in La Jolla at the Birch Aquarium.

This aquarium, part of the Scripps Institution of Oceanography at UCSD (University of California, San Diego), is a beloved place dedicated to education, research and ocean conservation. It’s especially great for families because its exhibits are more geared towards children. You definitely feel this family-friendly vibe walking amongst the exhibits.


This aquarium is somewhat small compared to more massive spots like Monterey Bay, but don’t be fooled by its land coverage. Though compact, this place has over 60 habitats. Birch Aquarium features favorites like There’s Something About Seahorses, Hall of Fishes and, of course, Living Tide Pools.

The pot belly seahorses and exotic jellyfish are some of the most sought out creatures here, so definitely make sure not to miss them. If you’re interested in larger animals? Look out for the new Loggerhead Sea Turtle!

Getting Interactive

Looking at the animals alone is pretty incredible, but we recommend you take things up a notch by looking at the calendar for the day you plan to attend. It’ll let you know when to look out for events such as their kelp tank dive show, tide pool feeding and Elasmo Beach feeding.

Top Tips

Purchasing tickets online ahead of time saves you money at the door and can save you some money. If you search online, you can often find discounts that are worth checking out.

Parking in the lot is free for up to three hours. This is usually an adequate amount of time to explore this intimate aquarium, but, if you find yourself needing more, just make sure to be aware of that time allowance.

The inner aquariums are great, but don’t forget to head out the open air section. The exhibits here, like the tide pools, are just as great as the ocean view behind them!

Be prepared to encounter a lot of young ones. This facility sees over 40,000 school children every year. So if it’s a weekday, don’t be surprised to see large yellow school buses!

Just below this facilities is La Jolla Shores, a beach great for picnics, surfing and other activities. Coming to this beach is way to spend time before or after the aquarium. Learn more about this beach at our La Jolla Shores Page.

Guide to the Best Budget Friendly Day in La Jolla

Guide to the Best Budget Friendly Day in La Jolla

When you think of La Jolla, you think of its ambience. Luxurious yet relaxed. Decadent yet laid-back. You may not be ready to buy a house on the beach, but that doesn’t mean you can’t experience the La Jolla lifestyle. Here’s how to have the ultimate day in La Jolla, that’s also friendly for your wallet.


Enjoy breakfast at a local spot.

Enjoy a good cup of joe and the buzz of breakfast time on a budget at one of La Jolla’s cozy cafes such as the Brick & Bell Cafe or Harry’s Coffee shop.



Brick & Bell Cafe: At this is budget-friendly haven, you can have a great breakfast that makes you feel as if you’re in Italy. Get a bagel with spread, bacon and veggie scramble or unique, locally-loved Swiss Muesli…each option being under $5.

At Harry’s: This spot has been here, family-owned, since the 1960s. It’s known for filling, heart-warming pancake and french toast deals. Get thick, powdered french toast for only $5.99. Order two eggs and two pancakes for $6.99. If breakfast is the meal you’d like to splurge a little on? The $11.95 B.W. Florentine is incredible. Eggs florentine on a waffle, syrup on the side. That’ll keep you full for a long time!

Make or Grab a Picnic Lunch. (Under $10)

For the best price, make your own lunch that morning and put it in a cooler. You can also get something in the city to take for later. If you’re already at Harry’s for breakfast, they have great sandwich deals under $7. Before leaving, simply order one to have wrapped to-go.

If it’s a Sunday, hit the Open Air Farmer’s Market, where you can walk the booths, soak up the organic atmosphere and pick up some fresh, locally grown fruit to take your lunch up a notch.

Hit the Beach. (Free)

Personalize this day by bringing whatever it is you most enjoy at the beach. Frisbee. Soccer ball. Boogie board. Time magazine. A good book. (And hey, if you’re a resident, go to the local library first, so you don’t even have to spend money purchasing a novel.)


Spend the day here engaging in activities, reading and walking the coastline. When hungry, stop for your picnic lunch. Not sure which beach to go to? Help decide by checking out our blog: La Jolla’s Best Beaches.

Take the Ocean Path towards the Village. (Free)

After your day of enjoying the beach and picnic lunch, head towards land and take the Ocean Path to Children’s Pool. Walk the cliffs until you hit the sea lions. You may be surprised at how much fun you’ll have observing these fun creatures, as well as all the other people nearby!

Check out the Tide Pools. (Free)

Head over to Shell Beach. This spot is known for great tide pools, where you can check out aquatic life like sea stars and sea anemones. It’s a wonderful experience for people of all ages to get lost in.

Explore the Art Galleries and Shops of the Village. (Free)

Downtown La Jolla Village is filled with shops, restaurants and art galleries. Walk through the art galleries and take in artists’ paintings, photography and more. You’ll see work from local artists and from across the globe.


Each place you visit acts like an exhibit of one massive museum…the main difference? You don’t have to pay for entrance. Afterwards and in-between galleries, stroll the streets for some fun window shopping, perhaps inspiring your own creative DIY mind.

(To learn about some of our favorite galleries, check out our blog: 3 Must-See Spots for Art Lovers in La Jolla.)

Watch the sunset. (Free)

Walk back towards the sea lions you visited earlier. Set yourself up on the grass of Ellen Browning Scripps Park or the railing all along the coast there. Take in the ambience of awe as the sun goes down.

Enjoy Dinner. (Under $20, prices vary)

There’s been a lot of walking and activity since lunch. You saved big on the first two meals of the day and didn’t even have to spend money on activities. Dinner can be your opportunity to enjoy expertly cooked food and keep costs reasonable at the same time. We recommend Karl Strauss as a prime place to do just that.


Karl Strauss Brewing Company: This brewery and restaurant combo attracts beer and non-beer lovers alike. You can find a great variety of meals that range in price, many being between $11 and $20. Enticing options like Ginger Crusted Salmon, Brick Chicken, Pesto Chicken Pasta, Spicy Tofu Curry and Chipotle Pastrami all under $15.

The Ginger Crusted Salmon, at $19.95, is a gorgeously crafted meal that would go for far more at other nearby establishments. The chefs here take great pride in presentation, and this dish is the perfect example. The ripe avocado on top brings perfect contrast to the crusted salmon underneath, and the decadent firecracker sauce circling the dish adds the ultimate touch. It’s understandable that you’ll probably want to snap a picture before eating.

Check out a show or live entertainment. (Price varies)

The Loft: This contemporary, 20 something oriented loft hosts a wide variety of events. Music shows require tickets, but tend to be no more than $30 for even the most famous of artists. Many events, such as trivia, are actually free. You may buy a drink or two, but with beers and sangria at $6, the cost is low.

Comedy Store offers a variety of single headliners and multi-comedian shows. If you join their list, you can sometimes even snag tickets for free on Thursday nights. (Just remember there’s a 2 drink minimum. However, sticking to low-cost drinks like cranberry vodka over more-expensive cocktails will keep your cost down).

Moonlit beach walk. (Free)

You’ve already done a lot, but perhaps you’re still not quite ready to head home. Take in the beach one more time…from a new perspective. Walking along the beach by moonlight is the stereotype of romance for a reason. Walk here with (or without!) your honey to end the day on a perfect note.

You truly can have a wonderful, action-packed day in La Jolla without the guilt of overspending. Just remember that no matter one’s bank account, you can live up the La Jolla seaside lifestyle.

3 Must See Spots for Art Lovers in La Jolla

The Madison Gallery

Find modern works. Discover contemporary paintings. Get inspired at a global level. Yorna Lork, the owner of the Madison Gallery, finds truly distinct, noteworthy artists from across the globe to feature in this gallery, so everytime you go, look forward to seeing something unique.


The staff are knowledgeable, but like to let you take your own time looking at the artwork; they provide you plenty of space to ponder quietly.The gallery, inspired by Manhattan’s very own, has high ceilings and space that immerses you with a calm, zen vibe. As you walk towards the back, you’ll see a full glass wall that looks out to the nearby Pacific Ocean. In addition, it’s great to know this gallery has philanthropic emphasis, supporting the Healing Art Fund and hosting art-based charity events.

As new exhibits come, the gallery hosts opening events to showcase the work. We’ll make sure you stay on top of what the latest and upcoming events are through our blog.

The Loft at UC San Diego

If you’re in a younger demographic desiring a local spot for all things arts and music, this hidden gem has a lot to offer. The Loft is a contemporarily decorated lounge that’s both a cafe for featuring art and a stage for hosting intimate music shows. The music artists feature everyone from big names and international stars to up-and-coming locals. If that isn’t enough, be on look out for special events like stand-up comedy, trivia nights and movie showings.

The Loft is known for its high-quality, well-priced alcoholic beverages. We recommend the Sangria; it’s incredibly done and the perfect drink for cheersing with fellow art lovers.

Peter Lik Fine Art

Peter Lik, the top award-winning photographer of all-time, is known for pieces that highlight the world’s elements of earth, wind and fire. When this La Jolla location was opened, it was to the eagerness of many awaiting fans. His work is so good that he just sold the most expensive photographic work in history; the final price? Six and half million dollars to one enthusiastic private collector.


He’s set roots down in this region and his understanding of the community shows. Simply walk into the gallery and prepare to be awed. You’ll be greeted by the friendly and helpful staff, who can tell you why the art looks like it’s backlit (even though it isn’t!) and where each photograph was taken. Photos you’d swear were shot in far off lands were taken in places like Idaho and North Dakota. After strolling the front, make sure to head to the back. The dim lighting of the back rooms creates a majestic, romantic atmosphere you don’t want to miss.

To get the full experience of this gallery, come on the first Friday of the month. Wine and cheese are served as your browse the photographs. When you fall in love and find yourself able to purchase a piece here…it is not usually your last!

Looking for More Art Entertainment?

Each of these spots has a lot to offer; our descriptions only scratch the surface on what La Jolla’s art scene holds. Learn more about the top art areas and local museums at our Arts & Culture Page.

Play in La Jolla


Who says playing is just for kids? By definition, the wordplay (plā/) means: To engage in activity for enjoyment and recreation rather than a serious or practical purpose. That sounds like something both adults and children need alike! La Jolla wants to help you do this, to take time off from serious things and simply…play.



The beach is the ultimate playground for people of all ages. On the sand you can build sand castles, toss a frisbee, wade in the water or dive in for full-on swimming. Interested in more extreme forms of water play? Read on! And to help you decide which beach to try first, cruise over to our Beaches Directory.


Snorkeling & Scuba Diving

Dolphins are often described as playing. Play amongst them and other creatures of the sea through underwater activities. Go snorkeling or scuba diving to get up close and see how they have fun under the sea! Learn more about taking classes, getting scuba diving certified and renting equipment at our Snorkeling Page and Scuba Diving Page.


La Jolla has parks full of greenery that are perfect for playing frisbee or kicking around a soccer ball. For those who like to play with their food, you can do so here by grilling and BBQing your own grub. Check out the best of La Jolla’s parks and what they have to offer at our Parks Page.

For a more rugged outdoor playing experience, head to Torrey Pines State Reserve and hit the hiking trails. With six trails to choose from, choose a climb as easy or difficult as you desire! Either way, your legs will be thanking you after.


We love to play dress up when we’re young. When we grow up, we still do! Embrace shopping as a grand-scale dress up game at one of La Jolla’s many shopping areas. Don yourself with diamonds at Cartier. Make yourself up in full-glamor at Nordstrom. Try on a bright bathing suit at one of the beachside surf shops. Decide where to start your adventure at our Shopping Page.


Restaurant Critic

Play restaurant critic by visiting local dining venues and evaluating the cuisine for yourself! Take in the atmosphere. Observe the decor. Taste the wine. Savor the food. To learn more about the La Jolla food scene and restaurants to try first, check out our Food Page.

Attend a Play

Get play-ful at the La Jolla Playhouse! This venue has already sent more than 25 shows to Broadway, and you never know which one may be next. Learn more about this beautiful venue at our La Jolla Playhouse Page.

Painting & Art

Explore your inner artist by experiencing the art and painting scene of La Jolla. Walk the galleries to see local artwork, explore the art museums or play Picasso for yourself by taking a painting class at “My Art Shed”. They’ll not only provide the materials, but teach skills and give tips to help you hone your craft.

See the La Jolla Symphony & Chorus

La Jolla Symphony

Since its roots beginning in the 1950s, the La Jolla Symphony has a proud history of premiering new music and promoting the arts. Almost half of the performances are new premiers and fresh, up and coming compositions. Come to a performance to hear a unique symphony concert that awakens new parts of your mind, or attend a show that pays homage to your favorite classics. There’s such variety, you’ll be covered either way.


The Concerts Themselves

From intricate violin pieces to cello concertos written for Yo-Yo Ma, we want to make sure you’re in the know about wide variety of music experiences you can have right here in La Jolla. Most concerts, whether they’re the jaw-dropping Symphony’s 60th Anniversary concert or classic works of Beethoven, are held on the weekends. Grab dinner in town before a Saturday evening concert or enjoy a mimosa-filled brunch before a Sunday matinee. The variety in times lets you cater the experience to your taste.

Pre-Concert Lectures

Before each performance, it’s truly valuable to go in with insider information and background on the performers and musical pieces. As you probably well agree, knowing the history of a piece or why a concert is conducted a certain way gives an understanding that then enhances the entire experience.

It doesn’t cost extra or even take more than half-an-hour. Simply come early to hear an upbeat, 25 minute lecture on the concert you’ll be watching. Trust us…it’s worth the time!

Tickets: What to Know

To guarantee your entrance, the earlier the purchase the better. It’s easy to buy tickets by either stopping by the ticket office or easily purchasing online.

It’s good to note there are special rates for groups and students, too. For example, if you have a group of 10 or more folks, book ahead to ensure a quarter of the price off and specially reserved tickets.

To really take a group night to the next level, whether it’s group of friends, family or business counterparts, for an extra fee, they’re happy to host receptions before and after the concert.

Want to Experience More Art?

If you love attending concerts and want to dive into even more art experiences in La Jolla, there are many ways to do so. Learn the about ultimate arts events and venues at our Arts & Culture Page.

**Photography: Courtesy LJS&C**

Looking for tickets to a venue in La Jolla?


We want to help you find the best events to get tickets for in La Jolla…and, as needed, make parking recommendations to save you from less fun types of tickets! What are some of the top spots and events we want to keep you posted on?



We have your standard AMC film venue that releases the latest hit films, where you can purchase tickets ahead of time for major motion pictures that sell out fast. La Jolla also has a lesser known spot called the La Jolla Village Cinema. This theater shows independent films, foreign movies and cult classics. We want to keep you posted on these films, especially if your favorite 80s movies is coming to the big screen for one night only!

Live Theater:

For a different type of theater, we encourage you to check out tickets for sale at The La Jolla Playhouse. This venue has been home to Tony-award winning shows and has the feeling of an intimate Broadway experience. There are a wide array of play types, such as dramas, musicals and comedies. It hosts well known and classic plays that have become theatre traditions, as well as new original pieces. Whether you’re looking for single-play tickets, season passes or a group experience, this spot has it all.


Get tickets to ensure your night of funny at La Jolla’s top laugh-inducing spot, The Comedy Store. This venues features all types of comedians, so you’re sure to find someone who will have you catching your breath and cheering for more.


A short drive away there are other great venues, such as San Diego’s National Comedy Theater. This improv group’s comedy is all the more funny when you know it’s completely spontaneous! (Tickets for the first show usually sell out at least a few hours ahead, so it’s a spot you definitely want to plan a day or 2 ahead for.)


There are many tours to choose from in La Jolla, from food & wine escapades to kayaking and bike riding to segway tours. These often sell out, especially during peak visiting seasons; booking your spot will offer you an easy peace of mind! For more specific details and tour opportunities, please check out our Tours Page.

Visit Legoland Near La Jolla, CA

A Little Lego History

Denmark revolutionized the world when, in 1958, it invented the building block that took us all by storm…the LEGO! Years later, this brick inspired one of San Diego’s top attractions, LEGOLAND. Located in nearby Carlsbad, this family-friendly location has you leave in the mood to build something. Though kids and adults alike can find fun here, the park is heavily geared towards children, and you’ll see the main demographic is kids under 10 years of age.


What to Expect

LEGOLAND is full of miniature worlds that have been carefully constructed by top LEGO building masters. As you explore the sites like miniland USA, you’ll feel tall and mighty next to 7 miniaturized areas of the United States that Legoland has created. Look down upon Las Vegas and stand at the same height as New York City!


Next, head to the Imagination Zone for a curious, thought-provoking environment. This is where kids can unleash their creative minds and make LEGO creations of their very own.


Add some thrills to your day by hopping on one of LEGOLAND’s rides. Each of the rides have different height requirements, so make sure to look at the requirement before going on. This save potential grief for a youngster who waits in the entire line, only to find out upon boarding that he or she cannot get on!

dd On Adventures

LEGOLAND has a full water park and aquarium world connected to it! For an additional cost, you can add tickets to these venues on to your general admission ticket.

The LEGOLAND Water Park has play areas for little ones, sweet slides, loop-filled rides and an awesome wave pool! It is the perfect way to help your kids cool off after hot hours spent walking Legoland.

The SEA LIFE Aquarium is a great way to combine the greatness LEGOLAND and the pleasures of nearby SeaWorld in one visit! Although much smaller than the vast aquatic park, here your kids can also experiences jellyfish, stingrays, various types of fish and sharks.

How to Prepare

The earlier you buy tickets, the better. The amount you pay at the park, the day of your visit, will be much higher than if you purchase online a week before. It’s also good to note that this park is incredibly popular and gets especially busy on weekends on holidays. If it’s at all possible, try to come Monday through Friday. If you do attend one of these busier times, be especially conscious of time management. The most popular rides have lines that grow longer throughout the day, so you’ll want to hit those first.

Outside food and drink is not technically permitted within the park, however, we will note no security typically inspects incoming bags or backpacks. The wide variety of food within the park makes sure there’s a little something for everyone. You can find snacks that are more upscale than the typical theme park, such as apple fries, and restaurants serve options that cater to many dietary needs. You can find meals that are vegetarian, dairy free, egg free, gluten free and nut free!

Holiday Events

LEGOLAND loves to honor the holidays with special events and treats. In October, visit the park the few weekends before Halloween for Brick-or-Treat. The park is closed from 5 – 9 pm to make it exclusive for this event where they give out candy, healthy treats and, best of all, LEGOs!

During the winter holiday season, come check out Winter Nights & Snow Play. At this event, you can play in snow for free, tube down winter slides and, for an extra cost, go ice skating!

In Conclusion

For families with young children, LEGOLAND is an ideal full-day destination. Children are guaranteed tired for bedtime and, if you live in the area, can come year round with purchase of an annual pass!

La Jolla Music Society

La Jolla Music Society

Head to Ivanhoe Avenue to find the highly impactful, arts promoting La Jolla Music Society. Ever since its founding in 1941, it’s founders and members have been furthering the arts, hosting concerts, bringing educational opportunities and giving life to musical performances.


Performances & Concerts

The La Jolla Music Society has hosts truly incredible and, often, world-famous artists. There’s an amazing diversity in performances, just a small number of examples being cellist Yo-Yo Ma, winners of the Gramophone Artist of the Year, homages to works by Tchaikovsky, famous flamenco dancers, violin quartets, award-winning taiko drumming, Mitsuko Uchida’s piano works, the New York City Ballet and The Boston Pops.

Discovery Series Private Dinners are something that are truly unique about this organization. Your ticket to one allows you into a supper at a private home in which you dine with a small group of fellow concert attendees and the actual performer! This is a dream opportunity to meet and ask questions of someone who may be your favorite artist.

Here are some of the biggest annual events to be on the look out for:


Held each year at Scripps Park above La Jolla Cove, this outdoor concert under the stars is as fun as it is free…yes, free! Come revel in this year’s musical performances as the sun goes down.

Winterfest Gala

This is an extravagant, musical performance that wows its audience year after year. It is not only entertainment, but food, drinks and mingling company as well. Best of all, all the proceeds are going to support educational and musical programs of the society.

Getting More Involved

Perhaps you don’t just want to attend events, you want to dive into and enhance your own artistic abilities. You can do so through many programs that the La Jolla Music Society hosts and promotes. Some of these include:

Coaching Workshops

Before many concerts, the famous, highly trained musicians performing in them actually sit down with locals, such as in the Artist Development Program, to experience music in a close knit setting with other music lovers.


The ticket to a concert buys you more than the set performance time itself. Come early to many shows experience the “prelude”, which can interviews with performing artists or even the opportunity for young local musicians to come on stage to perform. This is an amazing way for young artists to gain confidence and hone skills in a stage setting.


The best of the best in choreography come from around the world to act as a panel for local dance masters. For the select 5 that make it through the applications, they will receive feedback and opportunity beyond their dreams.

La Jolla Symphony & Chorus

Crave more live music? This non-profit, with roots in the 1950s, seeks to provide affordable concerts and live event opportunities. It hosts many of these year round, including events that partner with UCSD and others that invite young, up-and-coming artists to take part. Be on the lookout for upcoming events; tickets do sell out! Learn more about it at our La Jolla Symphony & Chorus Page. And we have also recently added an article about the best music stores in San Diego.

Mission Beach vs. Mission Bay San Diego, CA

You’re in the mood to venture outside La Jolla and are selecting where. Though the Mission Beach & Mission Bay area is along the water, just like La Jolla, it has a very distinct personality and culture that makes it unique and well worth your time.

The Difference Between the Beach & Bay

Mission Boulevard runs along the sandbar that forms a dividing bridge. One one side, we have the lapping waves of Mission Beach. On the other, we have the inward, calm waters of the bay. It’s easy to explain the vibe of each side; the atmosphere matches the water.

Where the waves are constantly in motion, so are the people. On the Mission Beach side folks are bicycling, running, surfing, boogie boarding, flying kites and more. On the bay side, people are in action too, but in a far more calm kind of way. People are strolling the bay. Folks are stand-up paddle boarding and canoeing. The demographic is a little bit older. People are more likely to be reading on this side. Simply choose which side based on the experience you want. Or hey, visit both!

On the Main Boulevard

Through the main street, Mission Boulevard, you can easily cross to either side. On this street you’ll find all types of local restaurants, cafes, boutiques, rental shops and more. Here are some of the favorites for different genres of venues:

  • Coffee:
    The favorite spot here? Better Buzz Coffee. There’s something truly exquisite about this local chain’s coffee, probably because of their emphasis on organic and fair trade products. They also make some truly unique and decadent acai, fruit smoothie bowls!
  • Breakfast & Lunch: 
    Speaking of food, where do you get a good breakfast to power you for an active day? Or a lunch after an active morning of surfing?The Olive Cafe, on the corner of Mission Boulevard and Santa Clara, provides a wide array of menu items for a really good price. From omelettes and breakfast burritos to fruit bowls and sandwiches, it’s hard to go wrong with anything you order here.
  • Classes:
    Looking to learn something new? Head toMission Bay Aquatic Center and do everything from take classes in stand-up paddle boarding to getting certified in sailing.
  • Rentals: 
    There are several spots up and down the boulevard to rent equipment, the most well known being Cheap Rentals. You can get land exploration gear gear, like bicycles, as well as aquatic equipment like canoes and paddle boards.
  • Casual Dinner: 
    This area is less known for dinner then neighboring Pacific Beach, but you can still find a great bite. Head to Arslan’s Gyros for some casual (but wicked!) Greek food. Their tag line? Freaky Food, Freak Fresh.
  • Formal Dinner:
    For a more formal dining occasion, head into Saska’s Steak & Seafood. It’s right by the beach, so you know the fish is fresh!
  • Cocktails: 
    Head to the Catamaran Resort’s lounge for wonderful, hand-crafted cocktails in their upscale lounge. They have a fantastic bar with a well-kept secret of a happy hour. Not only are the drinks wonderful, but you walk by an incredible waterfall in the lobby before entering!

The Boardwalk

No true California beach is complete without the Hollywood-highlighted beach boardwalk! Mission Beach has a boardwalk with all the Southern California necessities you could think of:

  • Giant wooden roller coaster
  • Carousel
  • Arcade
  • Stands making classic carnival food that entrances you by mouth-watering aroma alone!
  • Miniature golf
  • The fact that it’s about ten steps away from the sand!

South Mission Beach

The very end of this area is known as South Mission Beach. It’s hosts volleyball tournaments (due to its vast area of many nets) and a rock jetty that’s perfect for walking out onto for a romantic date.

On land, this area has more vacation rentals and homes than businesses and shops, but there are couple specific spots we want to highlight:

  • Beachcomber:
    This local bar is a great place for grabbing a drink after work and casually meeting friends. It’s also a prime place for trivia nights; they’re every Tuesday and a great way to combine a mid-week drink with new knowledge!
  • Seriously Good Pizza:
    Whether you need refueling after an early day of activities or find yourself ravenous after a whole day of beach festivities, sometimes there’s nothing better than some decadent, cheesy pizza! At South Mission Beach, the spot you want to try is Capri Pizza and Pasta.

Other Important Information

As you can see, there’s a lot to do here! To learn where to park for visiting these areas, check out our Mission Beach & South Mission Beach Page and Mission Bay Page.

Visit the Comedy Store

Comedy Store

Everyone needs a break, a night to get lost in laughter and forget about the serious business of the day-to-day. At La Jolla’s Comedy Store, laughter is a guarantee. And here, you’re not just seeing comedians; you’re seeing the best comedians in the country!


The History

This venue was actually the first road comedy club in all of the United States. It was first opened just south in Pacific Beach in 1976 and moved to La Jolla in 1977. (There’s another branch of The Comedy Store in Hollywood, so this one is technically The Comedy Store South.) In its starting years, this southern location hosted people that became some of the top-grossing names in comedy like Robin Williams, Michael Keaton and David Letterman. Since that time, the best of the best continue to come, such as Chris Rock, Bobby Lee, and Pauly Shore. Check out a show to experience why history continues to be made here.

What to Expect (Including Rules & Warnings)

This is a cozy, intimate venue where you get to be right near the stage. Most nights, shows start at 7:00, 8:00 or 9:30 pm. When it’s only one headlining comedian, he or she usually does 2 sets for that evening, 7:00 and 9:30 pm.

The typical shows you’ll see on the calendar include single headliners, “Best of San Diego Comedy” nights and Sunday’s “Comedy Potluck & Open Mic”. Each show has its benefits. It’s great to get to know one comedian and his or her humor, especially if it’s someone you’ve seen before and enjoyed. Or, of course, by seeing a variety of comedians, you’re sure to find laughs for everyone in your group. The great thing is you don’t have to limit yourself; you can go to as many shows as you desire!

Be aware that shows are only open to those 21+. If you come with anyone under that age, they won’t be able to get in. This is likely because there is a 2 drink minimum, so make sure to eat dinner beforehand in preparation! You’ll also don’t want to come hungry because The Comedy Store doesn’t serve food except popcorn. And don’t worry about where to put your drinks; there are small tables by the chairs, so you’ll have a place to rest your drink or popcorn.


The management here is incredibly genuine and accommodating. For example, if you or anyone in your party is hard-of-hearing or deaf, give them a ring and they can set up as ASL Interpreter for your showtime. This is something they go out of the way to set up, so it is best to try and make this request at least a week ahead of time.

Parking wise, it can get crowded in the area, especially on weekends. Make sure to arrive early to secure your spot. After you’ve parked, having come early and leisurely strolled over, treat yourself to a drink, get cozy and prepare for a good time!

Visit Seaworld


SeaWorld San Diego is the epitome of all things ocean. It’s an oceanarium, an aquarium, a marine mammal park and an ocean-themed theme park. This inspiring place, founded in 1964 by 4 UCLA graduates, started with the simple idea of creating an underwater restaurant.

For a complete and comprehensive guide to Sea World San Diego, visit our Sea World page!


Over 40 years later, it’s now proud to host approximately 4 million visitors each year and push on with it’s mission to further wildlife species conservation. With all proceeds going back to helping and saving animals and conducting critical research, SeaWorld is doing exactly that.


The Animals

It is incredible to think that you can walk up to a glass wall and be within inches of some of the world’s most awe-inducing creatures. The focus on marine life and care here let this experience happen.


There are exhibits featuring fan-favorites like killer whales, bottlenose dolphins, beluga whales, penguins, sea turtles, sharks, stingrays and more. Some people are surprised to find that SeaWorld has more than just aquatic life too. You can see land animals like armadillos, parrots and at Christmas time…live reindeer!

The Rides

This park is the ultimate way to combine a love of animals and thrills. There are plenty of rides that are tame enough for really young kids, as well. Some of the most popular rides include:

• Manta (a compact coaster with surprising, supreme speed)
• Journey to Atlantis (which will have you running to get in line for round 2)
• Shipwreck Rapids (upon which we recommend ponchos for staying dry)
• Wild Arctic (which virtually takes you to across the world!)

The Shows

With running from animal-to-animal and ride-to-ride all day, SeaWorld wants to let you kick up your feet and allow them to entertain you! Their top shows include:

• One Ocean (the new Shamu Show featuring your favorite killer whales)
• Blue Horizons (which features a beautiful line up of dolphins and birds)
• Sea Lions LIVE (a comedic show featuring the hilarious and ever-playful sea lions)
• Pets Rule! (This show spotlights pets and turns them into athletic superstars!)

Add On Experiences

Your ticket includes all of the animal exhibits, aquariums, rides and shows detailed above. Still hungry for more? There’s exclusive opportunities available to learn more about the park and the great animals within it, such as behind-the-scenes guided tours and animal interactions like the penguin encounter. You can even schedule a date to dine with the majestic killers whales in “Breakfast with Shamu” or “Dine with Shamu” adventures.


Speaking of dining, there are many places throughout the park that serve food for a variety of needs, including vegetarian and gluten-free options. This park is very conscious about food allergies, and SeaWorld encourages you to ask for the supervisor, who will be happy to clarify your dietary needs.

If you prefer to bring your own lunch, it’s important to note that no outside food is admitted into the park. However, there are picnic areas located conveniently out front. If you go for this option, we recommend packing a cooler in your car, heading out to grab it when hungry, lunching on the picnic benches and simply re-entering the park after. (Just make sure to get your hand stamped on the way back out!)


SeaWorld believes that fireworks are too magnificent to be saved only for the 4th of July. You can watch the sky light up about 8:30 pm on select dates from the end of May to the beginning of September.

The park goes all out for other holidays too, such as its Halloween Spooktacular in October and holiday magic in its Christmas Celebration. The shows and decorations reflect each of the holiday’s mood and will have your holiday spirit soaring! Read more about how to purchase our Seaworld San Diego tickets and general information you should know before going into the park. 

Side Note

Much of the controversy surrounding Sea World has come from a documentary only showing one side and perspective. This organization and the people that work for it truly love and support the animals inside. This care and love can be clearly seen by all the team in the park. We encourage you to forget the drama, forget the politics and purely enjoy your time here!

Entertainment in La Jolla


Whether you live in the area or are visiting from across the globe, La Jolla wants to entertain you. After a day on the beach or a long day of work, you’re ready to relax and let your cares drop away with some seriously great entertainment. Here are our top picks for leisure and recreation:


La Jolla Playhouse:

Experience this historic theatre that’s brought over 20 plays to Broadway. La Jolla native Gregory Peck, the famous actor best known for his astounding performance as Atticus Finch in To Kill a Mockingbird, co-founded this playhouse back in 1947. It’s been drawing crowds ever since. Learn more about its history and current shows at our La Jolla Playhouse Page.

Comedy Store:

Perhaps you’re interested in a show but particularly desire comedy. Look no further; La Jolla’s Comedy Store has been making people laugh for over 30 years. Learn more about the venue and its comedians, some of its founders being the most famous of famous stand ups, at our Comedy Store Page.

Live Music Restaurants:

Combine eating and entertainment in one experience. There are several restaurants in La Jolla that happily have live music playing for you to enhance the dining experience. Just a few of these restaurants include Eddie V’s Prime Seafood, Finch’s Bistro and Wine Bar and Bernini’s Bistro.

The Loft:

Looking for a spot where you can sip a mean Sangria while seeing one of your favorite Indie artist? This younger demographic-focused venue hosts everything from local artists, internationally famous musicians, documentaries and more. You’ll want to be on the lookout for what’s up and coming on their calendar.


From the weekly Open Aire Farmer’s Market to the holiday parades celebrated each year, there’s always an upcoming event to pencil in the planner. Learn more about La Jolla’s top events at our Events Page.


There are numerous city-wide festivals throughout the year, such as the famous La Jolla Arts & Wines Festival that’s now the #1 arts & wine festival in all of Southern California. Most of La Jolla’s grandest festivals are held in celebration of annual holidays. To learn more about these festive festivities, check out our Holidays Page.

Planning a Date?

La Jolla always has a lot going on, so you’ll never have to look far for entertainment. If you’re looking to plan a date incorporating many of these elements, check out our article on 20 Date Night Ideas in San Diego.

Visit Pacific Beach Neighborhood

Pacific Beach Neighborhood

Head slightly south of La Jolla and find yourself in Pacific Beach, the neighborhood with the movie-like, casual beach lifestyle. With a reputation for surfing, yoga, beachside bars and hopping nightlife, it’s no wonder it’s the first stop for so many 21st birthday bashes.


The wonderful thing about Pacific Beach is that if you’re seeking a high energy, glass-clinking experience, it’s easy to find. If you’re looking for a calmer experience that involves great cafes, meditation and long walks on the beach, it’s easy to take yourself from the heyday of the main street and relax.

The Main Downtown

The always-happening street of this area is Garnet Avenue. On it you’ll find dozens of bars, restaurants, dance clubs, boutique shops and more. On the weekend and Taco Tuesdays, this area is particularly famous for bars that are open until 2 am. There’s a wide variety of bar types and vibes. Some are smaller and have games like foosball, while you’re more likely to find yourself dancing to colorful lights at Typhoon’s or playing human-sized Connect 4 with a margarita in hand at Cabo Cantina.

On weekends, brunch is a much beloved tradition here. Many venues offer hand-crafted Bloody Marys and incredibly bottomless mimosa deals. (It has been suggested that the people who most love these brunches are those who were heavily enjoying the bar scene here the night before!) Shopping-wise, this area tends to be quite underrated. Pacific Beach is so popular one assumes most clothing is expensive and oriented towards visiting tourists.

However, you can find great quality clothes, sunglasses, accessories and more for reasonable prices. The most popular form of shopping is through the second chance (a.k.a. thrift) stores. Some examples of these shops include Buffalo Exchange and Goodwill. You’ll find incredible deals on great clothes. Sometimes you can find top designer options that even still have the tags on! If that’s not a good deal…we don’t know what is!

Bird Rock: The Blurred Line of La Jolla & Pacific Beach

Northern Pacific Beach is the more calm, more laid back area of PB. Stroll this area to find decadent San Diego-made coffee, take great pilates classes and, if you stroll far enough North, find yourself arriving back in La Jolla! The coastline at this end of Pacific Beach is also more calm.

You’re more likely to see people laying on towels engrossed in books than a group of fraternity men from one of the local schools hosting a volleyball tournament.

Top Activities

Besides nightlife and shopping, just about all of the most popular activities, of course, relate to the beach. We highly recommend:

Renting a Bicycle

If you’re visiting, bicycling is the best way to get around because it eliminates the trickiness of parking on a sunny weekend!

Surfing or Boogie Boarding

You can rent or buy equipment at many local venues and the water here is prime for both.


Along the boardwalk, along the sand…there are many great runs. Check out the top 4 trails our friends over at Visit PB recommend at their blog: Best 4 Trails to Run in PB.

Trying New Food. Specifically? Sushi!

Being right by the water, this neighborhood is a mecca for sushi restaurants. They’re all good, but our favorite and recommendation is Zen 5 Sushi.

Practicing Yoga

Whether you’ve been practicing for years or are just interested in loosening up, PB allows yogis of all levels to practice and increase their depth. The library offers yoga for free on Tuesdays, the infamous cliffs at Law Street host free sessions every weekend morning and private venues like Corepower Yoga attract many with the popular “hot power infused” classes. Learn more about yoga in PB at Visit PB’s Yoga Page.

Nearby & More Information

Slightly south of this area is the laid-back, local vibing Mission Beach & Bay. You can incorporate it into your Pacific Beach itinerary by reading more about this area at our Mission Beach & Bay Neighborhood Page.

And, hey, want to learn more about the specific beach area of Pacific Beach, like where to find parking? Head to our Beaches Directory and check out our Pacific Beach Page.

Torrey Pines Gliderport

Torrey Pines Gliderport

Perhaps you’ve already been to Torrey Pines State Reserve. You’ve explored La Jolla Cove. Would you believe there’s another breathtaking spot you may have missed? Welcome to La Jolla’s Torrey Pines Gliderport! Nestled above Blacks Beach, this cliff-high spot is the go-to-place for non-powered flight and those who enjoy watching it.


Background & History

This 300 foot-high spot has been launching fliers for over 100 years, making it the most historic aviation site for non-powered flight on Earth. It’s been deemed a historic place by the state of California because of the many famous flyers and records that have been set here.


In coming here, you’re experiencing a part of history many of us probably don’t think too much about. That’s actually the mission of the Gliderport: to raise knowledge and awareness about non-powered flight both here and around the globe.

The Ultimate Way to Experience the Gliderport…On the Ground!

La Jolla’s Gliderport is set up for land-staying visitors, as well as the flyers themselves. There are benches on the cliffs and a large outdoor patio that’s a part of their cafe. Sit down with an iced coffee or baked treat. Bask in the sun while watching the aviators launch themselves from the cliff’s runway!


Don’t Want to Simply Watch? Take Lessons for Yourself

The Gliderport is the perfect place for anyone who wants to launch themselves into adventure. Whether you’re an adrenaline junkie or trying something like this for the very first time, the knowledgeable team here will make sure you’re safe, secure and confident. With tandem flight and advanced classes, you can take lessons in paragliding or hang gliding (or both if you feeling ultra adventurous!)

If you’re a master of the skies whose already experienced in aviation, you can rent equipment here.

Make Sure to Do the Following

It’s critical that you call the Gliderport before heading over. Instructors only take people out if the wind is at prime conditions. Simply give them a ring and ask if they’re flying people. If they aren’t at that moment, they’re experienced and well-able to let you know if and when flying is most likely to happen that day. Just remember that even though it can be disappointing if you finally get the courage to launch, they do this for safety reasons.

Check out Blacks Beach

The Gliderport is just above the famous Blacks Beach. Why is it so well known? Well, it’s not only a great place for surfing…it’s America’s first legal nude beach! Learn more about this spot where you can bare it all at our Blacks Beach Page.


It’s important to know there’s a hike to get down to the sand. If you decide to visit the beach, you’ll be venturing down the cliffs of the Gliderport on a created trail of rocks, dirt and wooden steps. It’s definitely a climb, so we advise coming with good shoes. Flip flops won’t be ideal for grip on this downhill trail. Going back uphill is a good way to get in your workout for the day!


One more reason to come visit is the parking; it’s easy and ample to find. There is a massive dirt lot that stretches from one side of the cliff, around the main launching pad and back up north. Because it is a dirt lot, make sure not to come right after a car wash. The dirt that tends to fly up doesn’t bode well for squeaky clean!

What Next?

If you’re looking to do more outdoor activities in La Jolla, check out our blog Top 5 Activities in La Jolla to Break a Sweat!

Visit La Jolla Playhouse

La Jolla Playhouse

You may have been to twenty Broadway shows, or you may have only stepped inside a theater once in your entire life. Either way, the La Jolla Playhouse is home to incredibly thought provoking shows and wonderful events year-round.


It’s filled with a rich history, has close ties within the community, and hosts incredible award-winning shows that continue to impress audiences. The team and community here put amazing amounts of effort into the design, practice and showcasing of each component of the show, which you’ll get to experience when the curtain opens!


The La Jolla Playhouse was founded back in 1947 by Gregory Peck, Dorothy McGuire, and Mel Ferrer, names you may well recognize; it was revived in 1983 under the leadership of Des McAnuff, who served as Artistic Director from 1983 to 1994. All of these individuals were on a mission to advance the art of theater as an important platform for moral, political, and social thoughts and to become internationally renowned for producing plays that continue to surprise and surpass limits.


This mission has certainly been held up through today. Shows and plays performed at La Jolla Playhouse shows won over 300 awards that include more than 30 highly acclaimed Tony Awards. Numerous plays have gone on to Broadway, such as A Walk in the Woods, Dracula, the Musical, Jersey Boys, Memphis, Bonnie and Clyde and How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying.

This Venue Today

One thing we particularly love about this theater is the number of plays it has showing at one time and throughout the year. New shows are constantly in the lineup, and the La Jolla Playhouse utilizes multiple stages and venues to host shows.


This makes live entertainment more like a standard movie theater, in that you often have more than just one option. If the current show at the Playhouse doesn’t tickle your fancy, head to other venues in town like the Lafayette Hotel.

Other Events

Regular showgoers may be surprised to discover other events hosted here at the Playhouse they weren’t aware of. Some of these include:

The Annual Gala:

Every year, this exclusive night gives theater lovers the ultimate way to enjoy and contribute to the playhouse. Tickets go towards the welcome reception (complete with cocktails), an exquisite meal created by famous chefs and cocktails for dinner, and desserts and dancing after an incredible performance. The most wonderful part? Because this theater is non-profit, all proceeds from your ticket go towards funding Playhouse opportunities.

Foodie Fridays:

Certain Fridays, the Playhouse brings the most decadent food trucks in town to its lot and offers tasting for local samplings of beer. No need to feel guilty about adding another cost for the alcohol; the beer is on the Playhouse!

Innovation Night:

Combine extraordinary theater with networking; this event brings together the different industry professionals from around San Diego to one spot. Exchange business cards before…and thoughts on the show after!

Good to Know

If at the La Jolla Playhouse itself, parking is $2 until 11 pm. (This is a time that’s difficult to go past as the latest shows are typically at 8 pm.) When pulling into a spot, just make sure to make note of the spot’s number before heading to pay for parking. You’ll need it!

If you or any members in your party are hearing-impaired, La Jolla Playhouse provides special hearing impaired headphones to ensure the full experience. Simply ask a member working there where to grab them before the show.

Giving & Volunteering

If you truly love theater and want to do more than just attend the shows, there are plenty of opportunities to do so here at the Playhouse. Learn more about them on their website:

Planning a Date?

For art and theater lovers, we’ve created the itinerary for the ultimate date in La Jolla. See how to plan it at our blog: The Ultimate Art Lovers’ Date in La Jolla.

Watch a Game at Petco Park

Petco Park

It’s not often you stroll through a bustling downtown of glamorous hotels, top-notch restaurants and sky-high buildings…and then stumble upon a massive, professional ballpark stadium. South of La Jolla in downtown San Diego, this is exactly what you’ll find. Welcome to Petco Park, the awe-inducing stadium stretching from 7th to 10th Street!


Professional Baseball

Petco Park, able to house over 40,000 people, is home to the San Diego Padres; it has been since the stadium was built and construction finalized in 2004. The first game, however, was played by local San Diego State University’s proud Aztecs. This game brought forth high numbers so high it became the biggest college baseball game in history!


It’s not often you stroll through a bustling downtown of glamorous hotels, top-notch restaurants and sky-high buildings…and then stumble upon a massive, professional ballpark stadium. South of La Jolla in downtown San Diego, this is exactly what you’ll find. Welcome to Petco Park, the awe-inducing stadium stretching from 7th to 10th Street!

When the Padres played their first game against the San Francisco Giants in 2004, something ironic happened. Many fans were lined at the gates, eager to be the first person to step into the park. Interestingly, the first person to enter the brand new stadium in 2004 was Brent Walker, a 17 year old who wore, not a Padres jersey, but a Giants jersey! (If you’re a Padres fan broken-hearted at reading this, there is good news; the Padres won that game.)

If it’s spring, summer or early fall, be on look out for tickets because the game is being played. Tickets get you entry into the game and also give access to the vendors within, free give aways for many games and extra entertainment. For example, many Sunday games have children-focused fun like face painting booths and games. It makes for an ultimate family-friendly, energy-packed day that’ll have the kids asleep before their normal bedtime!

As a Music Venue

It’s not only the baseball games here that are big. The names in music featured here are on a very grand scale. The first concert ever hosted here was in 2005 for a classic group that’s famous around the world: The Rolling Stones.

Since then, artists such as Paul McCartney and LED have performed; and in 2015 folks like Taylor Swift, Nickelback and The Who will take the stage by storm. To make sure you don’t miss your favorite artist, be on the lookout for upcoming concerts at Petco Park’s event page.

Other Events

A diverse range of other events are hosted here, many involving athleticism and support for local organizations and charities. Some examples include:

• San Diego Half Marathon & 5K

• Suja Rock ‘n’ Roll San Diego Marathon & ½ Marathon for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society

• Comic Con: This event, famous worldwide and drawing more celebrities each year, is hosted each summer in the heart of downtown. It’s purpose? To raise awareness about comics, celebrate the arts and culture of comics and explore the ongoing things they offer. Petco Park has become the site of this event’s apocalypse-inspiring “The Walking Dead Escape”. This is also known simply as…The Zombie Run.


With many large-scale venues, parking can be tricky. The great thing about Petco Park is that it’s very accessible by public transportation. With the trolley and MTS (Metropolitan Transit System) buses, you can come from afar without having to deal with hassle and hiked expense of parking. Jump off one of the downtown stops and stroll to the park, ready for a good time!


Tours in La Jolla


There’s only one potential problem with La Jolla; there can be too much to see! With so much to explore, it may be hard to know where to start. This is where La Jolla’s trusty tours can step in and help. From exploring the area’s best wine to discovering the ultimate seaside view, we are here to connect you with the very best tours for the very best value.

“We want to make sure you experience what you desire in La Jolla.”


Food & Wine:

La Jolla loves its food and relishes its wine; you want to know why. A great way to explore this city’s wine scene? La Jolla Wine Tours. By bus or by foot, you can traverse this town in search of your perfect wine.

This company also pairs with San Diego Beer & Wine Tours so, if you desire, your tour can go outside the city and include IPAs and hops, as well as wine. To learn more about the food here in general, cruise over to our Food Page.


Classic Sightseeing Tours:

Especially if you’re new to the area, you probably want to take in the sights and learn what makes La Jolla unique. Companies & tours such as Tour Guide Tim are great resources to introduce you to this town.

Explore by Segway:

Looking for a tour more unique than going by foot? We Love Tourists offers a new way to check out the city, by segway. These 2 wheel rolling devices may have been made famous by mall cop comedies, but, after trying one for yourself, you’ll only be laughing at how shockingly fun and wonderful they are.

Outdoors & Active:

Kayak. Hike. Bike. Scuba dive. La Jolla is a place where outdoor exploration & fitness is synonymous with adventure. Hike Bike Kayak San Diego is one just one company that offers tours for the person who wants to get off the paved path. They offer enticing options like the La Jolla Cave Kayak Tour and the La Jolla Plunge Bike Tour, which will have you craving more of La Jolla…after you rest from the intensely active hours that is!


As all of us have heard, there are a lot of fish in the sea. We suggest, then, heading to the ocean to catch some! Southern California Fly-Fishing Expeditions offers tours that let you experience La Jolla fishing to the fullest.

We want to make sure you experience what you desire in La Jolla. By checking out the rest of our website, you can find the latest opportunities, companies and upcoming events to help you explore to your heart’s content!

Top 5 Best-Kept Secrets in La Jolla

Secrets of La Jolla

We know the phrase “best-kept secret” is unique to each individual because anyone who has lived in La Jolla for any length of time has their favorite spots. We hope our Top 5 list provides insight into something or someplace you’ve never experienced! If you’re just here for a vacation, here are the things standard guidebooks won’t tell you.

Caroline’s Seaside Café

8610 Kennel Way, La Jolla

(located on the UCSD Scripps Oceanography campus in the Seaside Forum)

(858) 202-0569;

Perfectly unobstructed ocean views. Need we say more? Caroline’s Seaside Café features breakfast, brunch and lunch with a selection of seasonal specials. The café serves creative, California-style cuisine made from organic and sustainable sources and hormone-free meats and poultry. Whether you choose to sit inside or outside on the patio, (we recommend outside!) rest assured you’re going to receive friendly service and delicious food. Bonus: easy access down to La Jolla Shores for a post-meal stroll.

Insider’s Tip: The restaurant is open 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. each day, and free parking is limited in the lot next door. Come early since the lot is often used by beach-goers, as well.

The Pavilion

9036 La Jolla Shores Lane, La Jolla

Located just north of La Jolla Shores and beneath the Torrey Pines bluffs

Also known as the “mushroom house on the beach,” The Pavilion is a guesthouse on the sands of Black’s Beach. The main residence, built in 1968 for Sam Bell, heir to General Mills, is 300 feet above the beach on the cliff with an elevator connecting the two. Fun Fact: Bell wanted a fully earthquake-proof and futuristic structure that was built into the cliffs.

The architect is Dale Naegle, who passed away in 2011 at age 83. In his time, he built an estimated 100,000 condos and homes around San Diego. This one is definitely worth the beach walk to see!

Insider’s Tip: Nudity is permitted on the northern portion (about a ½ mile) of Black’s Beach, so beware when bringing children along. Black’s Beach is also famous among surfers as it is considered one of the strongest surf breaks in Southern California.

Sunny Jim Sea Cave Store

1325 Coast Boulevard, La Jolla

(858) 459-0746 /

Named “Sunny Jim” by “The Wizard of Oz” author Frank Baum, this is the only ocean-carved cave on the California coastline that you can enter by land (through the Cave Store). The tunnel took two laborers two full years to dig using a pick and shovel. Several years after its completion, 145 steps were built into the lighted tunnel where visitors can still descend today! The cave is so unusual that the Encyclopedia Americana named it one of the “must-see” sites in Southern California. Learn more about the La Jolla caves here.

Insider’s Tip: Though admission fees are fairly nominal (adults – $5, children – $3), payment is by cash only.

Torrey Pines Gliderport

2800 Torrey Pines Scenic Drive, La Jolla

(858) 452-9858 /

Paragliders and hang gliders fly over La Jolla and Del Mar beaches each day, but did you know that you can watch the them take off from the Torrey Pines Gliderport? Well, you can! You can also take an instructional tandem flight (prices range from $175 to $225).

Or maybe you don’t care about flying at all, but want lunch and a gorgeous panoramic view of the La Jolla coast. The Cliffhangar Cafe is located onsite and is a fully serviced deli-café offering lunch and snacks from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. daily.

Insider’s Tip: You cannot make a flight reservation. You must call the morning you want to fly to confirm wind conditions. Also, there are discounts if you pay cash, so check out the website!


Trilogy Sanctuary

7650 Girard Avenue, Ste. 400, La Jolla

(858) 633-3893 /

Looking for a little zen? How about a café, yoga and aerial yoga all in one spot? Trilogy Sanctuary prides itself on “being in the business of happiness” (um, say no more!) by providing a place that nurtures balance, and inspires people to lead healthy lives in harmony with themselves and with nature.

With more than 15 years of combined experience in the health and wellness space, Joe Caldera and Leila Dora created Trilogy to encourage balance and healing through mind, body and spirit. From aerial yoga on the roof terrace overlooking La Jolla Cove and the Pacific Ocean and a full yoga class schedule, to spiritual/intuitive counseling and development classes, this place has it all. Pair all of that with an incredible organic menu and juice-cleanse options for the perfect place to spend a lot of time.

Insider’s Tip: Monday-Saturday there is free 2-hour street parking on Girard Avenue. But other surrounding spots are only free for 1 hour. Be sure to check the Parking section of the website for more information.

Great Activities for Children in La Jolla

Children’s Events

If you’re visiting or living in La Jolla with little ones, there’s a plethora of children-centered, family-friendly events happening year round. Here are some, just to name a few!

Holiday Events

No one gets more excited for holidays and the treats they produce than children. This is why La Jolla has put together such kid-centered events, festivals and parades for each year’s main holidays. Learn more about the trick-or-treating opportunities at Halloween and eye-popping parades of 4th of July and Christmas at our Holidays Page.

The Open-Aire Market

This market, hosted by one of the local elementary schools, puts on events weekly, monthly and annually. All of their events are family-friendly and proceeds go to local children’s and educational programs. What are some of the events to expect?

Sundays, come here to find a farmer’s market full of fresh fruit, vegetables and goods from local farmers and suppliers. There’s live music too, so your kids can get a chance to see musicians rather than just hearing them on the radio!

Each year, big crowds come out for the Art & Wine Festival, Harvest Festival & Market Anniversary and Spring Egg Hunt. All of these events are family-friendly, though the Spring Egg Hunt may be more exciting to kids than the paintings and merlots of the Art & Wine Festival! (Don’t worry though, there are plenty of kids activities going on while you sip your Chardonnay at the Art & Wine Festival.)

During the year, there’s also a family event hosted on the 3rd Sunday of each month. This exact activity varies, but stick with us and we’ll make sure to keep you updated!

Art & Painting Class

Is your child ready to be the next Monet? Let them pick up a paintbrush and get on-hands experience at a children’s painting class. “My Art Shed” offers classes led by painters trained in teaching children proper techniques, while making it fun at the same time.

Visit the Birch Aquarium

Let your future marine biologists explore the ocean floor, from the safety of the ground. At the Birch Aquarium, kids can see everything from Finding Nemo-inspired fish to seahorses. With its vast range of aquatic animals and paired learning activities, it’s no wonder over 40,000 school children are brought to visit here every year!

The Grunion Run

This late night run is a complete blast for children and parents alike. Each year in Southern California, grunion (a breed of silvery fish) ride waves to the coast in order to spawn. Many thousands appear at the shoreline at random, specific dates from early spring to early fall.

What happens exactly? People camp out on the shore, often around bonfire pits, on the dates the grunion are expected to come. Between midnight and 3 am, these fish appear by thousands on the beach, flailing and jumping. People run (hence the name) with buckets and grab as many of them as they can. It is quite the sight to behold and something you and your kids will never forget!

Visit Children’s Pool

This beach was made just for kids, although sea lions have taken quite a fancy to it, as well! Learn more about this beach and it’s amenities at our Children’s Pool Page.

Learn an Aquatic Sport

La Jolla, being right along the Pacific Ocean, is a prime spot for water sports. There are many organizations and trainers offering classes in water sports like surfing, sailing and kayaking. This is a great way to let your kid try these sports out safely and under supervision!

There’s truly no shortage of things to do in La Jolla if you have kids, whether they’re one year old, seventeen, or any age between! 

Coronado: A Beautiful Beach Attraction Near La Jolla


You may have heard of the Hotel Del. It’s legendary for its role in films like Marilyn Monroe’s Some Like it Hot. Hotel Del is short for Hotel Del Coronado, the island that rests one bridge (or boat ride!) away from San Diego’s downtown. With more miles of coastline than square land itself, this place is ideal for bicycle riding, walking and, of course, sun bathing. It’s a place like no other.


The Hotel Del Coronado

This hotel isn’t simply a place to stay; it’s a place to shop, spa, dine and enjoy a cocktail on one of the large patios that overlook the ocean. It was originally created to be the center of Coronado, to make Coronado a beach resort town…which it essentially did.

The most famous of famous celebrities have stayed on these premises, often renting out the exclusive villas. Some famous names that have stayed here include Jimmy Carter, Babe Ruth, Bill Clinton, Muhammad Ali and Emma Stone. (As you may have noticed, this has been a popular spot for presidents. Eleven presidents have stayed here so far!)

The Ultimate Activities

With so much beach, it’s natural that many of the favorite activities involve the water and adjacent sand. Here are the top activities we personally recommend trying:


Rent a 4 Wheeler:

We don’t mean the one person 4 wheeler you coasts sand dunes in; we’re talking about a 4-wheeled contraption that seats 4 people. Each person, 2 in front and 2 in back, pedals to propel the group forward in this 4 person bike. Having done it with both family and friends, we can attest that it is both fun and, because of how much you must work together, a true bonding experience.

Take a boat ride:

If you want to visit and to ride a boat, you can kill two birds with one stone by taking a boat over from the mainland. The Hornblower sends out cruises directly to and from San Diego’s harbor. Learn more about cruise opportunities at our Dinner Cruises Page and Sunset Cruises Page.

Go for a gondola ride:

Imagine yourself in far away Italy by taking a gondola ride with your significant other. It’s a wonderfully romantic way to spent an hour.

Try stand-up paddle boarding:

The waters are calm enough around the Hotel Del that you can, on many days, coast out onto the ocean, no experience needed.

Hit Coronado Brewery:

If you enjoy beer, especially craft beer, this is a must stop. Go in for a tasting and grab some great food at the same time.

Stroll the residential streets:

The houses here are all incredibly beautiful and unique. Simply walking the roads near the heart of the town will have you basking in many types of architecture and incredibly well-tended gardens.

Getting Hitched?

Coronado is a very popular spot for those looking to tie the knot, the Hotel Del in particular. So don’t be surprised to walk along the beach and find yourself hearing two love birds saying their “I dos”!

The U.S. Navy

The top employer of the entire island is the proud United States Navy. You’ll see handsome young men and women in uniform and certain areas exclusive for those enlisted. Many highly acclaimed commanders, captains and admirals have come from this island, making it an important place in U.S. military history.

To be amongst them in action? Run along Silver Strand State Beach early enough and you may find yourself warming up with the navy!

While You’re in the Area

As you already had to go through downtown San Diego to get here, it may be the perfect day to combine visiting the Gaslamp Quarter, as well. You can spend the day soaking in the beach activities of Coronado, and then explore the nightlife of or watch a baseball game in downtown. Learn more about what the area has to offer at our San Diego Downtown & Gaslamp Page.

Watch a Horse Race at the Del Mar Racetrack

Del Mar Race Days

The Del Mar Racetrack has been exciting crowds since the 1930s. Year after year, people come to dabble in the dining, dress to impress and, of course, experience the excitement that is horse racing.


History & Background

Remember Seabiscuit, the famous motion picture released about an unlikely horse winning an incredibly competitive race? That film was based on a true story; and that true story happened here in Del Mar.

Speaking of films, it’s exciting to note that when you go into the venue, you’re walking where famous Hollywood celebrities have. It’s been a much beloved place for Hollywood stars to spend summers, 40s stars like Ava Gardner, Paulette Goddard and Pat O’Brien.

This venue only really took a break once, during the time of World War II. However, it revived quickly after and continued to grow into the venue it is today.

Race Seasons & Admissions

There are two seasons: Summer (June through September) and Fall (end of October through end of November).

On most days, you can book clubhouse admission and stretch run admission. If you’re looking for a more exclusive experience, you can book an all day 4 person table. Lounge at your Clubhouse Terrace table or scan the horses from your spot near Cafe Del Sol for the daily fee.

The ultimate exclusive experience is, of course, going to the Turf Club. This private club is for members or guests of members, where the dress code is upscale and the experience even more so. To learn more about the view these club members get, as you can too, check out

Other Attractions

Even if you’re not the biggest fan of horse racing, we promise there will be no boredom at the Del Mar Races. Besides the action on the racetracks, also look forward to:

• The famous Hat Contest on Opening Day
• Friday Night Concerts that are included in the cost of admission
• Family Fun Days hosted on the weekends to make sure kids have their fill of entertainment
• Giveaway Days are select days where the races have a set item they give you…for free!

There are also plenty of food options available both at the track and nearby. Popular restaurants in the area include The Fish Market, Pamplemousse Grill, The Brigantine, and MARKET Restaurant + Bar.

Nearby Night Activities

After a day at the fair, you may be pondering how to spend the evening. Check out activities and events happening in nearby La Jolla at our Entertainment Page.

If you’re in the area at the same time Del Mar’s county fair is happening, typically in June and July, learn more about it at our Del Mar’s San Diego County Fair Page.



Whether you’re visiting the sunny West Coast or have been a resident here since birth, you want to experience the area’s atmosphere. The best way to do so? Through the weekly happenings, seasonal events and annual extravaganzas. La Jolla always has something going on, and we want to keep you in the loop on all the happenings!



The award-winning La Jolla Playhouse has reputation for outstanding work for a reason. Shows like Jersey Boys premiered here and went on to dominate Broadway. In fact, a total of 25 productions here went on to Broadway and, associated with these, an applause worthy 35 Tony Awards have been received. The recognition says it all; these shows are worth seeing!

The Open Aire Market

This elementary school-based spot hosts fantastic events not only weekly, but monthly and annually, as well.

Every Sunday, there’s a farmer’s market with live music.

Annually, look forward to enjoying the Art & Wine Festival, Harvest Festival & Market Anniversary and Spring Egg Hunt.

Throughout most of the year, there’s a free family event every 3rd Sunday of the month. Our job? To update on what that event will be!

Niche Classes

Looking to learn something knew? From cooking courses to painting, such as the growingly popular “Wine & Paint”, classes, gaining a new skill is as easy as registering for a class!


Spots like The Comedy Store are full of laugh-inducing comedy shows. Be on the lookout for our event calendar…your favorite comedian may be coming to the stage soon.

Art Shows & Events

There are many art havens in La Jolla, such as the multitude of art galleries around Prospect Street, the Museum of Contemporary Art San Diego and the Athenaeum Music & Arts Library. And don’t forget the Village Art Walk, the ultimate local scene for seeing amazing local artists. Learn more about the La Jolla arts scene at our Arts & Culture Page.

Active Sports & Races

For all you runners, there are plenty of opportunities to get your Nike sneakers on here. The La Jolla Half Marathon, which extends through multiple cities along the Southern California Coast, is the perfect example of this city’s love to run. For our swimmers out there, get ready for the La Jolla Rough Water Swim. What is it? A historic race began all the way back in 1916 that still rages on today. 2,000 people come proudly take part in this tradition every year.


National holidays are celebrated to the fullest in La Jolla. You’ll see it for yourself at the 4th of July Extravaganza, spooky Halloween festivities like Pillage the Village and the nostalgic Christmas Parade. Learn more about these festive events at our Holiday Page.

Farmer’s Insurance Open

Fancy a chance to witness the next Tiger Woods? Every year La Jolla hosts the Farmer’s Insurance Open, an incredibly prestigious PGA golf tournament played at Torrey Pines Golf Course at the beginning of the year, usually in early February. With local restaurant partners, coinciding events and after-hours happenings, it is something you won’t want to miss.

The La Jolla Concours d’Elegance Car Show

Like fine wine, some of the greatest cars are those that have aged. This car show, typically hosted in April, hosts a magnificent area of vehicles and automobiles. People come from across the world to see this event’s classic 50’s cars, Woodies, American sports automobiles, cars of well known celebrities and classic gems like the Rolls Royce, Bentley, Bugatti and Cadillac. Come to the La Jolla Concours d’Elegance ready to let these cars sweep you away with nostalgia and delight.

The Grunion Run

You may be asking, what on Earth is a grunion? It’s a silvery fish that pops up by the thousands each year to ride and spawn on Southern California beaches. Thousands appear at the shoreline, but only at certain dates during the spring and summer and at very late night hours. It usually happens as late as between midnight and 3 am! So what exactly happens during this Grunion Run? People come out to watch the jaw-dropping sight and then, quickly and often hilariously, grab as many of these fish as they can, squirming and all, and throw them into their buckets. People proceed in various ways, from roasting the grunions to throwing them back in the water! (It is important to note you are technically required to have a valid State fishing license in order to take the grunion.)

Art & Wine Festival

This annual October event is something to behold. Based in the heart of La Jolla Village, the 2 day Art & Wine festival has quickly become one of the most highly esteemed art & wine festivals in all of Southern California. It is free to enter this event that hosts more than 150 established artists, wine and beer gardens, stages with music acts, auctions and other activities. All the money raised from this event goes towards funding programs in need at local schools. So not only is this event a great time, it’s for a great cause!

The Ultimate Art Lover’s Date in La Jolla

The Ultimate Art Lovers’ Date in La Jolla

You’re looking to plan a date for someone special, a special someone who revels in all things art. Rather than planning the typical dinner and movie, why not plan a date personalized to them? We’ve already put together the itinerary; all you have to do is make it happen!



Walk through the galleries of the La Jolla Village.

There are countless art galleries spread out amongst the downtown La Jolla Village. Stroll through them to take in paintings, drawings, sculptures and more. See some of our top picks, and why, at our blog: 3 Must See Spots for Art Lovers in La Jolla.

Take a painting class.

After becoming inspired by artwork in the galleries, bond in the adventure of making your own creations together! We recommend taking a painting class at My Art Shed on Girard Street; they’re very knowledgeable and provide a wonderful atmosphere for painting, no matter how experienced attendees are. Wine and snacks are often included as well, supporting the up and coming “Wine and Paint” events that have become so popular.

Attend a play at the La Jolla Playhouse.

If it’s a weekend, shows are usually at 3 pm or 6 pm. We recommend taking the afternoon for galleries and painting, so that you and your date can sit back and really relax while taking in the evening show.

Dine to Live Music.

After your day of painting and watching great, local actors and actresses, treat your date to a dinner they won’t forget. A standard dinner experience is nice, but let’s take it up a notch for your arts lover. Pick a venue that has live music performances during dinner. Some great examples we recommend include Eddie V’s Prime Seafood and Bernini’s Bistro.

If this date goes so well you’re looking to plan another memorable one in La Jolla, we’ve also outlined the ultimate romantic date. Check it out at our blog: The Perfect Romantic Date in La Jolla: How to Plan It.

Del Mar’s San Diego County Fair

Del Mar’s San Diego County Fair

Summertime in Southern California is the epitome of a beachside Hollywood film. After you’ve soaked in plenty of sun at the beach, next stop? Hitting the Del Mar County Fair. From breathtaking gardens and wine tasting to deep fried Oreos and amusement park rides, it is a phenomenal event that truly has something for everyone.



There’s a lot to do at this fair; it’s why so many people come back multiple times each summer. They want to make sure they see it all! Here’s our outline of the most major, must-see fair points.


Competitive Exhibits:

Walking through the best of art, gardens, wine, photographs, livestock and other exhibits is very eye-opening. You get to see the talents of many people from all walks of life. If you have your own homemade cheese or art that could be prize-worthy, enter your selection! With a large number of prizes, you never know what you could win.

The Animals:

A county fair simply isn’t a county fair without animals! Wave to horses, meet bunny rabbits, pet goats and so much more at the many animal exhibits here.


This county fair is full of a variety of live music. There are great local artists at many of the small stages, and there are large concerts hosted throughout the season. Some of the bands are big names, so look out to make sure you don’t miss your favorite group.

Amusement Rides & Arcade Games:

Bumper cars. Flying swings. Haunted mansions. Need we say more?

The Food

The beauty of this fair is that you can cater the experience to your own taste, literally. You can take a day off your heart-healthy regime and go for the stereotypical fair food. Try items like deep fried Oreos, deep fried candy bars, chocolate covered bacon, massive barbecued turkey legs and more.

If those items sound a little much, don’t worry; the fair offers lighter options and upscale dining, as well. If you’re of drinking age, add onto to either meal type with an extra special kick!

For those Over 21

Perhaps you adore merlots. Maybe you love Stone IPAs. Whether you’re a wine or beer person, or hey, maybe are a fan of both, there are two specific events we want to draw your attention to.

The Toast of the Coast Wine Festival: A ticket in here covers unlimited samplings, the opportunity for some truly VIP dining and your admission into the fair.

San Diego International Beer Festival: Featuring beers that are local and from across the globe, this festival has become the largest beer festival on the entire West Coast. If you love beer, it’s something you don’t want to miss.

Hop Across the Pond…Without all the Transport: Europe in La Jolla

Hop Across the Pond…Without all the Transport: Europe in La Jolla!

From its winding, hilly roads to buildings perched on the coastline’s cliffs, La Jolla often feels like a European village that fell through a portal and into Southern California. Listen to an audiobook read by British-accented Colin Firth or a novel in French, and you truly could be in Europe! To truly enhance your European cultural experience, we’ve found the ultimate must-visit spots.


The Cheese Shop

This compact European deli began as a bearer of fine food and cheese imported from around the world. A family-owned store since the 1970s, it’s slowly transformed into the shop it is today and still owned by the same, local family.


As with much European cuisine, the food is so simple yet so good. A key aspect of this is the ingredients, which are carefully selected and of very high quality. Because they make the sandwiches as you order them, they’re also sure to be personalized. Some favorites include the smoked salmon, roast leg of lamb and roast pork loin sandwiches. No matter which one you choose, the sandwiches are famous for having a large volume of meat packed into them. You can also embrace the name’s shop with a cheese sandwich, having it made with options like havarti or jarlsberg.

To maximize a fully European palate, also check out imports to bring home with you. Get HP sauce from London. Pick up some English Stilton cheese. Find chocolates straight from Holland.

Drink-wise, they also serve coffee, so you can embrace your Italian spirit with a cappuccino!

(For dessert? Try the famous oatmeal cookies. They may not particularly European, but the rave reviews on this shop’s homemade flourless oatmeal raisin treat are endless.)

Mary’s English Kitchen

Setting aside time for tea, particularly afternoon tea, is an important cultural ritual in England. Feel like the royal highness herself by coming to Mary’s English Kitchen and taking tea the way it was meant to be enjoyed.

Here you can enjoy scones, eloquent sandwiches, quiche and, of course, tea. They have many varieties of tea such as classic English black, though you may also want to try something unexpected like Coconut Chai.

Food-wise, there’s little better than a light spread of clotted cream and jam on one of their fresh, warm apricot or raisin scones. Top favorite sandwiches include smoked salmon with cream cheese and cucumber and cream cheese.

And if scones and sandwiches don’t sound quite satisfying enough? Get a heartier English meal with their Fish & Chips, Chicken Pie, or Blackened Cod Sandwich. If it’s still early in the day, power up with their hearty Full English Breakfast, Ollie’s Omelette or Bills Bacon Buttie.

Finch’s Bistro & Wine Bar

In the bustling streets of London or Paris, it feels wonderfully secretive to find shops tucked into curving alleys and layered behind other restaurants. Walk along Girard Avenue and you’ll see a black and white striped awning above a small walkway next to Lavish. Head down it; you’ll find yourself in a courtyard with iron gates and jazz music playing. You’ve stumbled upon a European town bistro…right here in La Jolla!


Finch’s Bistro & Wine Bar has a wide variety of wines such as French reds and Spanish whites. The food is terrific and caters to a wide variety of appetites, from meat lovers to vegetarians. Favorite appetizers include prosciutto wrapped asparagus and avocado fritters. Some of the prime entrees we recommend? The pistachio crusted salmon, braised chicken and portobello ravioli (a major thumbs up for vegetarians).Interested in an insider secret? There’s a wonderful cheese plate that’s not on the menu. This secret cheese offering comes with honey and apricot chutney alongside fresh bread. Fantastique!

La Valencia

For the ultimate, transportive hotel experience, we recommend the La Valencia hotel. Known as “The Pink Lady” due to its prominent color, it’s a wonderfully bright hotel nestled atop the hills overlooking the ocean of La Jolla.


They have various types of rooms available, including private villas, and many other amenities. From Les Clefs d’Or Concierge to an incredible tiled fountain and fresh flowers replenished daily, you truly could be in France or Spain.

This goes for food, too. Enjoy modernized cuisine inspired by European classics at Cafe la Rue, the restaurant connected to the front of the hotel, and live music at La Sala Lobby Lounge. It’s so many great cultural aspects rolled into one place.

Up the Ante

Many European vacation dream spots are located along the beach. So whether you go before or after trying one of these European-inspired venues, head to the sand. Check out the right one for your day at our blog: Best of La Jolla Beaches.