Best Places To Go On Taco Tuesdays in La Jolla

Taco Tuesday isn’t an occasional indulgence in Southern California; it’s a beloved weekly tradition. From beer battered to grilled, from classic cod to rare taco-fillings, restaurants in La Jolla, California have fierce competition for the best tacos. We did some serious food research to put together a list of our top recommends.


An Emerald Isle-inspired pub for tacos? Surprising, but true. Combine the great cultural inspirations of Mexico and Ireland by tucking into beer-battered fish tacos at Hennessey’s on Herschel. Served with refried beans, cheese and crispy chips, this is a hearty meal that seriously hits the spot.


The Hake

The Hake is a downtown spot to tone down heaviness and take things lightly, especially when it comes to food. The ahi “tacos” are served in crisp, jicama slices rather than tortillas that make the dish extra light and refreshing.

For something a bit heartier, we recommend the Rosarito shrimp tacos. Battered and coated in chipotle mayo sauce, each bite combines an eye-popping variety of textures and flavors that leave you incredibly satisfied.

The Shores Restaurant

Speaking of shrimp, we have to include the Shores Restaurant at the La Jolla Shores Hotel. Rather than being battered and fried, these grilled shrimp are hefty enough to pack a wicked punch of flavor, but not so heavy you feel any discontent after. Layered with cabbage and served with sinfully creamy (yet nutrition-packed) guacamole, they’re great for either dinner or lunch.

The Promiscuous Fork

Like the restaurant name’s inspired-utensil, here you can be shameless in your love for tacos. The Promiscuous Fork has a variety of options, but we have to bow down with praise at the blackened salmon tacos.

The salmon is encrusted with cajun a seasoning that packs a seriously powerful punch. It’s then placed on a corn tortilla and layered with cabbage and a decadent, sweet sauce to balance out the sassy spice. Served in a casual, get-to-know-your-neighbor ambience, it’s a prime spot for a real locals experience.

Already looking to Wednesday?

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  • Best Places To Go On Taco Tuesdays in La Jolla

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