La Jolla’s Concours d’Elegance: Got Your Tickets Yet?

La Jolla’s Concours d’Elegance: Got Your Tickets Yet?

If you enjoy automobiles and live in the area, you’ve probably attended this wonderful event in La Jolla, California already. If you haven’t, this is the year to check out Concours d’Elegance.


Car enthusiasts from all over come out to take part in this weekend festival. Starting off with a Rolls-Royce Motor Cars Contemporary Classic Cocktail Party on Friday and going all the way through the events hosted at the fantastic La Jolla Cove and La Jolla restaurants on Sunday, it’s an event you don’t want to miss.

History & Background

Sponsors from all around join forces with the La Jolla Historical Society to host this event that has origins tracing back to the 17th century. During that time, the concours was a luxurious, leisurely event centered around coaches, couture and cocktails.


In many ways, little has changed since, though overtime the event adjusted and morphed into the post-World War II event Loren Tryon held in 1950 at Pebble Beach. This in turn inspired the car-loving, automotive-centered event La Jolla now hosts today.

What to Expect

There is far more to do than simply look at cars at La Jolla’s Concours d’Elegance. From cocktail receptions to decadent lunches, there’s something different happening each day.



The event launches with a cocktail party hosted by CJ Charles Jewelers at La Valencia Hotel on Prospect Street. At the Rolls-Royce Motor Cars Contemporary Classic Cocktail Party, ticket holders will enter this exclusive gathering and be greeted by supreme appetizers, cocktails, wine and, of course, entertainment. It’s the perfect way to begin this deluxe event.


The first full-day event begins just south of La Jolla at San Diego’s Balboa Park. You’ll be taken to this world-famous park’s San Diego Automotive Museum for an exclusive exhibit on the influence cars have had through history, seeing some of the finest of the museum’s automobiles.

From here, the ticket you purchase will have you driven up to Bill Evan’s Private Collection Garage where the vintage automobiles will have you reminiscing over old times and thinking of songs by Frank Sinatra.

Next? The Chuck Spielman’s Only Yesterday Museum. This private showroom includes a lot of war artifacts and history, as well as great cars. Last but not last, the vehicle transporting you will take you on over to the official La Jolla Tour d’Elegance. What type of vehicle? A double decker bus, of course! Get ready to feel like a local London-er.

Saturday Night

Not ready to turn in after all that? Keep the car talk coming at VIP reception Saturday evening. CJ Charles Jewelers is hosting another evening of culinary cuisine and drinks. Sip hand-crafted cocktails while discussing your favorite automobiles alongside the glorious ocean view.


Even if you are unable to attend one of the cocktail parties or exclusive VIP events, you’ll get to see a truly impeccable array of automobiles on Sunday at La Jolla’s Concours d’Elegance. Enjoy viewing hundreds of vehicles with wine tastings and visits to the beer garden in between. And hey, if you up your ticket to VIP status, the highest of quality cocktails, a mouth-watering lunch and poster are included in the ticket.

It’s also good to note that if you have children under age 14, there’s no need to worry about cost; they’re free!

Parking: Good to Know

Parking will get crazy for this ever-expanding event. If you live close enough, it may well be worth it to Uber in or even park in a nearby area of La Jolla, such as Bird Rock, and take a nice stroll in. It’ll save you the stress and madness of finding a spot for your car.


From out of the area or prefer to stay somewhere within walking distance? The most notable La Jolla hotels are all just a stroll away from the heart of this event. Learn more about these fantastic options at our blog: La Jolla’s Top 5 Hotels: Why to Book Now!


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