Itinerary for a Day at La Jolla Cove

La Jolla, California is famous for its mouth-watering brunches, Birch Aquarium and, of course, beaches. A top favorite that draws countless visitors every year is La Jolla Cove. It’s beautiful, safe for children and one of the few places you can truly see sea lions in action. Instead of coming for just an hour or two, why not make a day out of it? We’ve put the itinerary together for a fun, carefree way to do just that.

1. Enjoy a good breakfast.

To fuel up for an exciting day, we recommend grabbing a great meal and cup of coffee at Harry’s Coffee Shop. This neighborhood gem has been a family business since its founding in 1960. Come in and soak in the friendly, local atmosphere as you tuck into waffles, eggs or french toast. You can even grab a cheeseburger, if that’s what you crave at 7 am; they’re served all day!

The B.W. Florentine

2. Head to the Cove.

On the cliff’s above La Jolla Cove, look down to the sea lions and have as much fun watching them play as they having playing. Head down onto the beach, shoes off, naturally. Sink your toes in the sand. Bring a bathing suit to take a dip. Bring a book to relax and read. Whatever maximizes your beach time.

3. Hit the park just above.

Head up the steps and onto the green of one of La Jolla’s best parks, the Ellen Browning Scripps Park. It’s a lovely place to play frisbee, fly a kite and shake the sand from your toes. Plus, it’s leads you straight up to the heart of La Jolla Village.

4. Take a break for lunch.

The downtown La Jolla Village offers some great restaurant options. Take in your mid-day meal at a casual spot like the Coffee Cup or an upscale venue with a patio for people-watching like the Nine-Ten restaurant in the Grande Colonial Hotel.

The Coffee Cup


5. Walk the Coastal Walk.

Stroll off your contented appetite with a walk by the ocean. Take the Coastal Walk from up above La Jolla Cove over to La Jolla Shores. Learn more about it and other nearby walks at 5 Best Hikes & Trails in La Jolla.

And in the La Jolla Shores area, if it tickles your fancy, you can rent equipment from a local spot and go kayaking.

6. Enjoy happy hour.

Coming back after your exhilarating stroll, a refreshing drink may sound like the very best thing. There are some amazing happy hours to choose from in La Jolla, so we’ve outlined the best ones at our blog: 5 Best Happy Hours in La Jolla.

7. Stroll the art galleries or follow the mysterious Murals of La Jolla.

After sipping a glass of wine or mean martini, enjoy the downtown village art scene as the sun goes down. Walk the art galleries or follow a guide to discover all the hidden murals throughout La Jolla. See how to find the art you (and any fellow adventurers) want to see most at our: Art Lovers’ Itinerary: Explore Murals & Art in La Jolla.

8. Hungry for dinner?

The beauty of dining here is the variety. You can enjoy fine seafood spots like The Hake or brewery-inspired restaurants like Karl Strauss. Check out more options at our Restaurants Directory.

The Hake

Karl Strauss

9. Have a few laughs.

The Comedy Store, which has been hosting well-known comedians since its founding, is a great place to sit, relax and let yourself be entertained after a long day. We recommend checking it out and booking tickets ahead of time. It’s a wonderful way to end a great day.


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