7 Reasons to Tour the the Salk Institute ASAP

How much do you know about the La Jolla Salk Institute? If you’re like me, until very recently, not too much. I’d lived in the San Diego area for over 7 years without even seeing the breathtaking institution. After going for the first time, it’s now on my official list of places to take visitors.

World famous for both architecture and biology, here are seven reasons you need to a book a Salk Institute tour pronto.

1. It’s one of the top biology research facilities on the entire planet.

Nestled on the bluffs of La Jolla, California, the Salk Institute has been making world-impactful discoveries since it’s completion in 1965.

2. The Salk Institute has been deemed one of the boldest architectural feats of all time.

Robert Redford declared that this was his favorite, most soul-searching inducing place in the world. Given rise during the 1960s, the place is as magnificent today as it was then.

3. Research here has already impacted YOU directly.

The Salk Institute was started by Dr. Jonas Salk, the man who discovered the vaccine that ultimately ridded us of polio. This disease used to be a serious fear as many people, especially children, died of it. Thanks to the work of Dr. Salk, we no longer need to be afraid.

4. Walking the establishment, you’re passing by some of the world’s top minds.

As the scientists & researches come in and out of offices, you never know what groundbreaking projects they’re working on.

5. You may meet a Nobel Prize Candidate or Laureate.

One of those very people passing could’ve won or be currently up for a Nobel Prize. Multiple laureates have come out of the Salk Institute.

6. It’s a beautiful spot for lunch.

On the ocean-facing side of the venue sits a small eatery; grab a sandwich and enjoy the view of both the architecture and Pacific.

7. The view of the hang gliders is unreal.

The Gliderport is just north of the Salk Institute, so, if the wind’s are right, there’s a good chance you’ll seem some hang gliders or paragliders cruising the sky.

Ready to book your tour? It’s important to reserve your spot ahead of time; you can do so at: the Salk Institute’s Architecture Tour home page.

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